About Us

The most important thing about the Muslim Manifesto is that it is not owned by any single individual or organisation. The concept is the brainchild of the Institute for Muslim Community Development , an independent think-tank which aims to facilitate the positive growth of the Muslim community in Britain through research-based interventions, however the owners of the manifesto are all those who support the manifesto’s objectives. The Muslim Manifesto is being put together following an ongoing nationwide consultation with the British Muslim community spanning grass roots members, community leaders, religious leaders, social activists, academics, thinkers and politicians from a broad spectrum of denominations and socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds. We hope you’ll also join us on this unique project to ensure that the Muslim community of Britain and all of the British people have a bright and healthy future, because as our pious forefathers taught us: if we are not brothers in religion we are brothers in humanity.


Organising team

The Muslim Manifesto is being organised by:

Hannah Smith

Hina Malik

Mohsin Abbas

Zulfiqar Ahmed

Ali Jaffri

Shabbir Rizvi

Hassan al-Katib

Ruhi Rizvi

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