A comparison and contrast Between the works of whitman and hawthorne

Published: 2021-07-02 05:37:40
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Nathaniel Hawthorne and Walt Whitman were both well-known story-authors of their own time. Their enthusiasm in presenting the details of their stories in a more realistic yet humorous approach have made it possible for them to understand the ways by which readers really opt to receive their copies of the stories that they ought to read.

The reason why the works of both authors attracted the attention of the researcher of this topic is the fact that the said revolutionary-writers in the American literature have so much to do with how the ways of writing of the American writers today have radically changed through the years (Babbit 17).

The constant referral of both authors with their characters as the main life of their stories have particularly made their works interesting as they try every element in their stories to refer back to the characterization of the persons referred to in their writings.
Through the research that has been commenced earlier, the authors were indeed referred to as the primary keys to the development of the presentation of the American literature up to the present era. There are times when the writings of the said authors were referred to as something out of the extra ordinary during their own times, however, being extra ordinary on their part has been an effective way of implicating change in the ways by which the thoughts of the American authors are presented to the public in writing.
From the traditional serious plot of writing, the prose and poetry of the American literature has been changed into a more radical and liberated presentation that mostly deals with the things and issues that are afflicting the human society at the present era (Irving 32). Reading then became more interesting and entertaining to many audiences of the American literature. Aside from which, the presentation of the informations became more effective and casual that the writings tend to affect all sorts of readers both young and old alike. (Lauter 65)
Particularly focusing on the work of Nathaniel Hawthorne on Rapaccini’s Daughter, it could be observed that the writer indeed encourages the use of metaphoric description of the details of the situation being presented through the stories made.
This particular new approach in presenting stories that simply stating what is obvious, it could be noted that the writers today have already considered this particular process of presenting details in a much accepted manner, whereas even the deepest thoughts of the writers which are not considered normal or acceptable by the present society have the chance of being shared to readers through the metaphoric presentations as per presented by Hawthorne himself in his first works.
Although the said informations have already been gathered, a more in-depth reasoning as to how they actually affected change within the premise of American literature is still encouraged to be given close attention to. Further studies on the matter shall help the readers understand why the authors mentioned above sorely needs recognition as they were indeed able to revolutionize the ways by which literature is presented to the society.
Come to think of it, if it were not for the historical writers like Whitman and Hawthorne, the ways by which the American authors presented their ideas may not have been liberated at all making reading a much-lesser appreciated source of information considering the fact that technology today gives way to larger and faster ways of spreading information through the Internet in the form of blogs and media presentations. Without the existence of the said authors, American reading materials may not have been as widely accepted in the society as they are today.
To be able to come up with the primary informations needed to prove the claims presented in this study, especially that of the works of Hawthorne and the impact that they have been making in the literary presentations of the American writing group, an online library [Questia] shall be accessed by the author as well as local libraries shall also be consulted.
Several commentaries from librarians shall also be incorporated within the study to be able to create a more actual picture of the presentation of the facts that shall be handled within the said paper. The constant attention given to how both authors affected the Modern American Literature shall be continuously used as the basis of the presentation of the informations in this study.
Through integrating the results from all possible sources, the author expects the work to be more effective and practical for the public to read and learn from. Not many among the American population would consider this study as an important factor of social advancement. However, considering the fact that literature is an indication of the modern society’s development, this study shall be proven worthy on the basis of its effectiveness in affecting the lives of the people in the human society at present.

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