A Good Man is hard to find by Flannery OConnor

Published: 2021-07-02 05:05:09
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The short story named “A Good Man is Hard to Find" was written by Flannery O'Connor. In this story the main character was the grandmother. The beauty of the story is that O'Connor lets the reader find out who the grandmother is by her reactions and conversations to the other characters in the story. This paper will analyze the role of grandmother in the story and what she wanted from her life.

The most important personality in this short story is the grand mother, because she plays a vital role in the story’s key action. The little old lady has a leading role in this part.

Her direct conversation with her grandchildren, June Star and John Wesley, her son, Bailey, and the Misfit killer teaches us more about the nature and personality of the grand mother. These conversations also tell us that the lady belongs to a prosperous family having traditional background. In the story, we observe her attitude changing several times according to the situation she was dealing with.
The action begins when the grand mother said that she would go to east Tennessee and would try to change to the Bailey's mind and she doesn’t want to go to Florida. Subsequently in the story, when they began their trip to Florida, the grand mother was observed talking the whole time. She told the stories and events of her youth to her grandchildren and instructs them about being more respectful to their parents and to their native state.
Though the grandmother is the central character it was her mistake that the trip ended in the overwhelming way that it did. Unintentionally, she led her entire family to their destiny. She is even more to blame for the killings because of what she conveyed on the journey with her. If there had been no feline, there would have not been an accident. If the misfortune would not have occurred, the family had an exceedingly good possibility to endure their vacation.
There are numerous things that occur in the article that devotes more data about the grandmother. The book reader can notify that the woman is paranoid by her dialogues at the start of this story. She reads about the Misfit murdered and supposes it would be unsafe to journey to Florida with a man like that on the loose.
She is furthermore a lonesome individual because she sneaks her feline, Pity Sing, along for the ride. The scribe states that the woman did not desire to depart the feline because "it would overlook her too much or would wipe contrary to a burner and asphyxiate itself" (O'Connor, 267).
I accept as factual that the feline was the only thing that displayed her love and attention. Her only child had a family of his own, her grandchildren were older now, and she sensed like she was not significant to them anymore, and the children's mother was engaged with the baby. By conveying the feline, she sensed like she would not be lonely. The book reader can furthermore notify that the woman is exceedingly prejudiced. She mentions to the very dark progeny as a "cute little pick ninny" (O'Connor, 268) and a nigger.
You can furthermore notify many about the vintage woman by what she is wearing. In the vehicle, she wears white hand-coverings, a boat crew head covering, and a navy azure dress. She states that the famous apparel is damaged in order that if any thing occurs, "the persons that find her body will understand that she was a lady" (O'Connor, 267).
I believe she was dressed in this outfit in order that she could believe she was certain thing she was not. It is apparently glimpsed that in her youth, she dwelled in prosperity. She had everything from youthfulness to cash and to love. Now, she nearly feared life because her attractiveness and youthfulness were gone. She would converse about her past because it would take her away from the misery of the present.
One of the most significant scenes in the article takes location in the vehicle. The grandmother locations a vintage family graveyard that one time belonged to a plantation. She notifies the young children that the graves were a vintage family entombing ground. Her grandson inquires where the plantation went, and she states that the plantation is "Gone with the Wind" (O'Connor, 268).
This declaration has more significance than just a casual remark. I accept as factual that it is another way that the grandmother expresses her remorse to her present situation. Although she may be mentioning to the video, she furthermore is mentioning to her life. It has unraveled and now she conceives it is lost.
The most activity in the article takes location when the grandmother encounters the antagonist. The family gets into a misfortune when the grandmother's feline startles Bailey. After the wreck, they glimpsed a vehicle close to from the distance.
The three men get out of the vehicle and the grandmother identifies one of them from somewhere. At this issue in time, it is her obvious error for rotating down the desolate street, and her feline initiated Bailey to wreck the car. She shortly makes another mistake. She identifies the third man as the Misfit killer. This adds the eventual condemn of the whole family.
The got away convicts might have let them proceed if she would not have made that declaration, whereas that is just speculation. After this, the grandmother directly endeavored to defend herself. She did not even beg for the inhabits of her only child and her grandson. They were taken out into the woods and shot. The article gets exceedingly intriguing at this issue because the grandmother begins mentioning to Jesus. She endeavors to assure the murdered that he arrives from good blood.
This is a quotation to her youth one time again. In her days, persons that were increased well in good families did not consign heinous misdeeds like murder. She could not accept as factual that this man was adept of murdering her. In the end, after her whole family was slain, she recognized that her time was up. She made a last despairing try to save her life and finally failed.
The Misfit murdered shot her three times. The murdered then states, "she would have been a good woman if there had been somebody to fire her every minute of her life" (O'Connor, 278). This declaration directs me to accept as factual that he knew what kind of woman that she was.

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