A Leader to Admire

Published: 2021-07-02 05:02:37
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One of the greatest persons is the world's largest direct selling and company for women, Avon's supreme, Andrea Jung. Her threshold into the corporate world has had a good ladder to the top.

These involved her to top positions which perhaps honed her to fit who she is right now. Being Avon's CEO for ten years now, her worth for the title is evident with the extensive growth of the company. Relative to this, she is part of Apple, Inc. Board and General Electric (GE) Company.

“Strong executive engagement is the most important practice as it involves major leaders working on the project. This means that their contribution to the ongoing program is highly regarded [...]” (Ambler, 2008).
Her career runs long-time symmetry to her long-run experience. Also, her expert performance led her to enter the top 100 most powerful women and to be the top-paid female CEO; and whose leadership, despite economic downturn, raised Avon's total revenue in the preceding year.
These semi-accomplishments speak for her stand. She's plain admirable with how she gets things done. This executive woman works strategically. Pervasive promotions for new products are marketed using credible celebrities. She knows how to play with the roller coaster twists of the economy and social trends.
Working with her, even starting with a minimum capital in a rural area would turn out to be a productive one. Having her on the job is an indeed 'yes'. She seems to have mastered the corporate world which is an advantage for expanding businesses and an opportunity for extending finances.
Not only she caters businesses but she aids women under the shadows of violence, poverty and cancer. Her charitable initiations add up to why she is an admirable leader. She excels, corporately and socially.
Amber, G. Banutu-Gomez, M. B. (2004). Great leaders teach exemplary followership and          serve as servant leaders. Journal of American Academy of Business, Cambridge, 4,             143.

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