A Narrative Essay about Education

Published: 2021-07-02 04:35:31
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The history of human beings as put forth by the bible and other informal sources reflects on major aspects of human beings efforts to subdue the earth. In it, the history of knowledge, beliefs, skills and cultures of humanity can be found as some of the earliest aspects of human beings that offer a distinction between man and other creatures.

For instance, education has been the mainstay of many communities’ earliest practices this is seen through efforts by such communities’ generations to propagate its cultural, social, traditions, morality, religion, knowledge and skills to the next generation. Such informal efforts are what form the basis of the modern education system (Farrant J.S, 1980). Education can therefore be said to be the process of inculcating worthwhile knowledge, skills and attitudes to individuals with the main aim of permanently and positively changing them.

This paper will implore the various dimensions of education, its dynamics, its use its development, the key players, problem it faces, its benefits and lastly an independent position taken in respect to the world’s trends of education.
Uses of education
Education (teaching/ learning) can be grouped into three dimensions i.e. formal non-formal and informal dimensions. The formal dimension encompasses learning that takes place in school classrooms; non-formal encompasses learning that takes place in school clubs, societies, games and sports while the informal takes place in unstructured informal interactions between learners themselves or with other people (Farrant J.S, 1980).
However, whether offered in a formal, non-formal or even informal dimension, education (learning) process needs to address the following four main aspects in order to be meaningful and impacting. These aspects include; who will be educated? What institution will control education? Who will offer the financial support? Lastly, why do certain get different quality of education?
For instance, many jurisdictions have struggled formulate education systems that seeks to fully put into consideration the inherent needs of its population. Therefore, they formulate schools and institutions; they offer budgetary allocation and set standards of placing various groups of students into respective educational levels according to their academic abilities (Theodore, 1994).
It will be hollow talk and a mere waste of resources if the human kind continues putting much of their ideological and material efforts to a thing that does not offer any substantial value to their lives. Education as seen earlier in the introduction part is as old as the human origin and hence its value to human beings is enormous.
According to Susan Bassett’s article, “what is education for?” (The education revolution, 2007) education is about children growing up into adults who will have a sense of understanding in the world they inhabit. This education will therefore make them internalize the essence behind the casting of votes in the elections, why things like preventive healthcare are necessary, why history remains important in the modern society and so on.

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