A Research Proposal on the International Branding

Published: 2021-07-02 04:19:42
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Elite branded products try to catch the attention of the public by attempting to sell a dream, which is done by attempting to discern the most common inner desires of the targeted consumer market; once this is done, the brand tries to enlist the services of a highly admired or a highly controversial individual to add effect to the aura or concept being portrayed by the brand.

Hiring a celebrity is a venture that a known fashion brand has every capability of doing. Celebrity endorsement of luxury fashion is understood to be of great importance nowadays since when a celebrity is linked to a specific brand, the concept being created projects to have the approval of an icon, hence creating an image that it is classy; and any consumer who will buy that product will end up being closely similar to that particular icon or role model.

The endorsement of luxury brands by icons is undoubtedly a trump card which could be used, if the said asset is efficiently utilized the resulting outcome almost always results to long term benefits like brand loyalty and brand equity. This phenomenon would in the long run produce a higher profitability and an increased brand value (Ukonkwo, 2007).
However, it should be remembered that whoever the celebrity endorser the verdict of the consumer concerning their decision to buy or not to buy merchandise would all rest on the quality of the merchandise being sold.
If the merchandise does not have anything that would sustain the initial impression created by the celebrity endorsement, like when the merchandise has poor quality or lacks the concept of genuineness then what would happen is that the clientele would no longer patronize the product. In order for a fashion brand to stay on top it has to be more than a symbol of greatness, it also has to be great if it is to withstand the stiff competition in the market.
Statement of the Problem
For the purpose of this research, the study aims to answer this question:
What are the international branding strategies of elite branded products in the United Kingdom?

Definition of the Research Question
Elite designer brands are distinguished by their unique innovations which are almost always the first of its kind, their expertise, and their exclusive position in the market.  Elite fashion brands such as Giorgio Armani, Gucci, and the likes have a significant market share due to their clever marketing that allows them to present their merchandise in an attractive “must have” commodity.
To maintain the continuity of  their  operations, famous clothing brands tend to attend to the concept of “customer focus” instead of concentrating on the idea of a timeless, spaceless and emotionally-charged ideas that fix meanings to intangible personal attributes like freedom, love, or family although these ideas have in their own right a universal functionality; known Fashion brands have the capability to somehow ensure the stability of current fashion trends by exerting control over consumer valuations.
Research Objectives
For the purpose of this study, the research aims to:
To provide a theoretical foundation of international branding.
To provide a theoretical foundation of international branding strategies of elite branded products.
To identify the international branding strategies of Giorgio Armani and Gucci.
To provide recommendations in order to improve the international branding strategies of Giorgio Armani and Gucci.

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