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Published: 2021-07-02 04:34:50
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I often believe that women are the catalyst for nations’ development given equal rights to education, justice, occupation, suffrage and other services.  The silence and the vulnerability of women and children in developing countries like Zaire have awakened my drive to fight for the rights of the unheard and the helpless.

Since childhood, I have always pictured a world where people are equal in rights and nobody is above the rest in terms of allocation of basic services, education, laws and job opportunities.  I have closely witnessed the unfair treatment to women and children who are often victims of human rights violation.  I have often wondered why there are more men in politics, schools and in the workplace.

Silently, I have also questioned why society has embraced a system where women should remain at home and are not treated as important members of the society.  At a young age, I could not accept the discrimination in my country.  I understand that it is impossible for me to solve all the problems facing women and children but I know that something must be done.
I have carefully studied my options in finding ways to be the voice that will awaken women in their important roles in the family, community and country.  One of the avenues that I have chosen was to work as a social worker.  To date, I am fulfilled in the profession that I have pursued.  Nothing is more rewarding than to see the helpless rise from poverty, oppression and discrimination.
In my years of service, I have worked in a variety of settings within a framework of relevant legislation and procedures to support individuals, families and groups within the community.  These settings include schools, hospitals, public sectors and organizations.
I have also worked closely with the health and social care staff.  When I was involved with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), I have pushed for the integration of health and social work services for women and children in my country.  Together with a multidisciplinary team, I have worked on the family code of Zaire to give equal parental rights to both spouses.
This has replaced the previous concept of paternal authority.  Both parents have the same duties to care for their children.  Women are given the right to marriage and choice of spouses.  They are also given the right to inherit.  Both women and men acquired legal capacity at the age of 18.  They are both equally free to enter into marriage with the consent of both future spouses.  Women and children are not required to perform forced or compulsory labor, except as provided for by law.
Although there are still so much that remain to be done to give wives equal rights similar to their husbands, the family code is a step forward for Zairian women.  As a social worker, I have also worked to ameliorate the living conditions of women by making them self sufficient.
Through livelihood training and seminars, women can now engage in a small business to alleviate them from poverty.  I have also supervised 300 people and became the agriculture and rural development counselor of the governor of Zaire.
Other than having an undergraduate degree and license in Social Work, I have also earned a post Graduate degree in Nutrition in Belgium.
Being of service to women and children in terms of poverty alleviation, educational provision and allocation of medical and health care services has always been my passion.  Now that I am already a US citizen, I would like to move to the Department of Social Work so I can continue my work as a social worker in a larger scale.
After witnessing domestic violence, child abuse, neglect, delinquency and other social problems in the community, I felt that something should be done.  This has motivated me to become a social worker in the local and international community.
I would like to advocate for social justice and be the voice for those who are deprived of their basic human rights.  With my utmost dedication and perseverance, I would like to see more women and children around the world living in contented and productive lives that are free of abuse and discrimination.

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