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Published: 2021-07-02 04:38:32
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There are several reasons why I would like to get hold of an Advanced Certificate in Health Care Management: my passion and dedication for my job, promotion/personal growth, willingness to learn more, I want to lead the organization someday, and because I may want to change careers someday.

My primary motivation is my job. See, I am a caseworker of the Department of Health and Human Services. I love my job too much that I would like to further what I currently know to be able to better serve the families, children, other individuals that I am engaged with.

The skills that I have, for instance, in: 1) communication, 2) statistical analysis, 3) research, 4) etc will be enhanced and polished as well through the aforementioned program.
Second, I also want to the best in my chosen field and so I will strive hard and do everything to be in top shape. In relation to that, I also want to get promoted to a better position, which in turn will provide me with increased reparation. This of course will not only help me keep up with life, it will also help me assist my family to experience better life.
Third has something to do with my attitude. I simply have the willingness to learn and I always crave for more and for something new. I want to learn new things. In fact, I have always been curious about health economics, long-term care, as well as, the business facets of managed care and I really look forward to going over those topics.
Fourth, honestly I would also want to become a manager someday. If I obtain an Advanced Certificate in Health Care Management, I will have the necessary managerial training that will make be become effective as a manager in leading day to day operations especially when it comes to the demanding tasks of planning and budgeting.
Last but not least, in case I would like to move on to another health-related career, then I can easily do that as well because an Advanced Certificate in Health Care Management entails sub-courses that help individuals like me with various concentrations and needs.
* No reference will be provided for this because this entails personal statements.

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