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Published: 2021-07-02 04:36:05
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I have always wanted to study music up to the highest education level possible for two reasons; one to use the education for life and secondly to live off the education.  Education for me is just more than attaining good grades. Education for me is an opportunity to develop into a well-rounded person, fully equipped to face the world and serve my community and humanity and eventually make the world a better place for future generations to live in.

The Queen’s University has a unique culture which emphasizes on innovation, imagination and a culture of valuing of people. The Queen’s University has a well-equipped library which meets the research needs of students, fully computerized and equipped with state of the art equipment. This is very ideal for music students and is very crucial for me as a music student.

Throughout my life, I have always desired to study music from a reputable University hence my desire to join Queen’s University which has unmatched standards in as far as music programs are concerned. My dream is to excel as a musical student and graduate as a well-rounded music professional able to deal with the challenges that constantly emerge in the field.
Without this hands-on experience, skills and knowledge I cannot be able to make it, hence my resolve to join Queen’s University where I believe I will achieve my career and academic goals.  My dream to pursue music stems from an early age, partly from the encouragement from parents and secondly from my personal ambitions and career goals.  My ambition is grounded in the realization that I am a talented singer and a lover of music.
I understand the importance of nurturing the talent and for me the best way to do it is by studying music at the University level. As early as when I was in grade seven, I had already learned how to play piano alongside other musical instruments.
This led me to join the school choir where my talent was identified and nurtured by the music teacher. To exploit my music potential, I enrolled in the school’s concert where I was an active member for a period of two years. My desire and interest has never stopped as I continue to nurture my music talent even up to date.
This has led me to study music ever since then and I am now at A.R.C.T. level. For me, music is more than leisure; it is more than a path to a promising career.  Music is a means to express oneself in one of the mot effective ways. Music leads to special way of communication in that it connects the messenger and the audience.
Music is the best avenue to solve some of the challenges the world is faced with, in regard to political tensions. Music can play a very positive role in conflict resolution in a world where it is dominated by violence and selfishness. Music cannot co-exist with violence; music can serve as a media of communication even between the worst of enemies. Music holds the key to peaceful co-existence.
 My interest in Queen’s University is informed by the fact that it will offer me with an empowering study environment. The University has well equipped music labs as well as great music professors. Queen’s University has a sizeable number of students which means that, admission at the University requires high qualifications making it a center for excellence. I really look forward to getting admission to the Queen’s University music program.
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