Advertising and Social Identity

Published: 2021-07-02 05:14:41
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Advertising, through the ages has evolved to be a very powerful tool that can shape identities and personalities of consumers regardless of age, culture or sex.
Advertising has, one way or another shaped my identity and personality. I also have to admit that because of my exposure to advertisement, I have achieved a certain status in my neighborhood.  I play basketball during my past time, and I became popular in town not only because of my skill but also because of the Nike shoes that I wear.
Nike is the world's leading supplier of athletic shoes and apparel. I first heard of Nike when I was a kid, in T.V commercials of former basketball player Michael Jordan promoting the shoes.

Being an NBA fan and a basketball aficionado, the commercials intrigue me into trying out the shoes he is endorsing.  The moment I bought my pair of Nike shoes and paraded it in school, I saw my classmates in complete awe after seeing me wearing the shoes for the first time.  I was bombarded with questions like “how much does it cost” or “where it was bought.”
Also, when I play basketball using the said shoes, I also earned extra attention from the people who are watching the game because of my footwear.
Aside from that I can feel that I can do things that Jordan does (high flying dunks, higher jumping ability) just by wearing the shoes he endorsed, especially when dunking the ball from the free throw line which was made famous by Michael Jordan during the slam dunk contest (though I have not yet accomplished it).
When comparing it to other shoes, I can see that Nike has the edge because of its dimensions.  I feel that the shoes are lighter than other brands as what Jordan swears it to be.  During a game of basketball, which usually requires frequent running, I can feel that the shoes’ weight does not affect my speed.
Another important feature is the durability of the shoes, in which it can last for years even if I frequently use it during basketball games.   Buying shoes that can be damaged easily can cause discomfort and even injuries.  I also feel that buying another brand will compromise quality and that I may acquire an injury if my shoes, for example is below the standards that of Nike. With proper care, Nike shoes can be your companion for life.
With its features and other types (running shoes, tennis shoes), all sports enthusiast will, like me, be forever loyal to the brand.  I can say that whenever I am wearing Nike shoes, I feel that I am better than other people, especially when playing basketball.  The shoes give my self-esteem a boost.
Advertising, in reality is designed to attract people into buying particular products. But these days, consumers are very wise with regards to spending their hard-earned money. An advertisement full of fluff is easily recognized by them.
Consumers know what they want and are not easily convinced especially when an advertisement is just luring them into spending. To meet their standards, advertising also stepped-up into the next level. It has become more creative, truthful and warm.
My relationship with my Nike shoes is growing strong. Michael Jordan may have influenced this “fetish” of mine. But in the end, I can say that my loyalty is due to the reason that through time, I have come to prove the things they say in the ads. And because of this, I give my loyalty only to Nike shoes and only to it.

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