African American Identity in Media

Published: 2021-07-02 04:24:10
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The print ad was about drug abuse and risky teenage behavior. We have to be realistic and see that many of the victims continue to be African American teenagers, especially the ones coming from poorer families.

Although any young person would be attracted to an ad like this one, it seems to reach out to African Americans more because it speaks of struggles and pressure, both of which they are most acquainted compared to other people in this country.

What shared values or norms are promoted in the media or marketing piece you selected?
The print ad highlights the values of identity and freedom. What the ad is saying is that you don’t have to give in to peer-pressure. You can do what your own thing and be your own person without destroying your life. You can be free from drugs and you do not have to fit into the stereotype of a “teenage junkie”. It’s not worth it. Be your own person. Own yourself.
How do these values contribute to the cultural identity of African-Americans?
It should bring about feelings of liberation and pride. African Americans have fought so hard in the past to have the same rights, walk the same streets and work in the same jobs as white people. This is what these ads are reminding them of. That they must continue to fight whatever it is that keeps them from being free.
They must resist the stereotypes and transcend these daily temptations to join the deteriorating masses. These values create a sense of connection between them because it reminds them that freedom does not come easy but the sweetness of freedom makes it worth fighting for. Today many African Americans are leaders in business, media, sports, entertainment and all other possible fields -- all because they transcended the stereotypes.

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