Albert Einstein: One Genius Mind

Published: 2021-07-02 05:22:44
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Finding a way to describe one of the most celebrated scientists ever born by means of stating facts about his life and achievements which most people hardly ever know at this point in time is utterly hard.  Albert Einstein’s father, an engineer by profession was for the most part of his career hugely unsuccessful.

The older Einstein spent most of his time shifting jobs (Pellegrini 1).  Albert never enjoyed his education in Germany.

He was seriously depressed when he had to leave for Italy.  He left school on the excuse of a nervous breakdown.  For a year, he had been paying visits to different art centers in Italy until such time when although reluctant, he finally resumed his studies.  It was in Zurich’s Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule (ETH) technical university where Einstein earned his degree (Pellegrini 1).
He received poor grades since he hardly attended class lectures.  His poor credentials made it hard for him to secure a job.  Finally, a friend helped him secure a patent office job in Berne (Pellegrini 1;
It seemed that the patent job suits him perfectly.  It allowed him to work during the day and devote the rest of his time exploring higher learning in physics (White 96).  Also, he was able to utilize the library to do his research work.  He even earned for himself a doctorate degree in the process
Even though it was not entirely all plain sailing from then on, several years later, he assumed a role in the academic system, and worked in Berlin to complete his General Theory of Relativity in the face of the severe destruction in society brought about by the First World War (Pellegrini 1).
A serious breakdown left the man with distinct strands of white hair which ultimately served as his trademark.  It was around that time when his married life took a turn for the worst.  Nonetheless, he was still able to make significant contributions to scientific advancement.
He was primarily, the engineer of breakthrough concepts about the physical universe.  Beyond doubt, he has made significant contributions to humanity’s intellectual advancement during his time.  Einstein challenged the then existing beliefs about the state as well as that of science.  He engaged in a constant battle for individual freedom and dignity.  He also opposed hostilities and persecution.
His theories about the state and science, or at least the ones credited to him, echoes up to this point in time in realms stretching as far as his own direct scientific contributions in examining the influences that science and technology has on ethics, the study of modern art, linguistics, and psychology (Trefil and Hazen; White 96-105).
It is paradoxical that several years following his death, several branches of physical science have already acknowledged his generative impact as otherwise would gave been done in the last years of his life.  Einstein’s contributions proved to be crucial for drafting conceptual routes for current studies in the fields of cosmology or astronomy, for connecting gravitation with the quantum field theory of gauge fields, and also in explaining new findings which were not possible during his time, but were nonetheless already forecasted by him.
Albert Einstein has the mind of a genius.  The way he changed the way man perceived the universe into which he or she was born was beyond comparison.  He was able to look past nature’s drape than anyone else since Newton, and from that point onwards, he lived the rest of his life pulling the drape down for his humility (Pellegrini 1).  To this day, when the word genius is being uttered, no one else’s face come to mind than his.

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