Alcohol Abuse Among College Students at Univeristy of South Carolina

Published: 2021-07-02 04:39:18
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Alcohol is a drink made by mixing yeast with sugary substances such as corn, barley, and rye. The mixture is then left to ferment for some time. Once consumed it is absorbed into the body systems through the stomach and the small intestines and affects the mind making the person who had consumed it lack proper coordination. It leaves the body by being excreted through the kidney, lungs, and liver.
Many college students consume alcohol as a way of forgetting certain situations in their college life that is stressing them, make friends, and even maintain them. But in an actual sense alcohol only suppresses the problem for a very short duration of time after which the negative effects to the individual manifest themselves such as poor personal health, poor concentration in school, and financial constraints.
Excessive use of alcohol leads to neglect of major responsibilities such as schooling and this state is termed as alcoholism that has no cure but can only be controlled (Presley, Meilman, & Cashin, 1996).

Starters mainly consume alcohol varieties that are less concentrated but upon advancing they get to very concentrated brands that eliminate the desire to drink fast.
Alcohol Abuse among College Students
The African-American students within the campus drink less compared to their white counterparts. The students who engage in heavy drinking are usually aged between 18-29 years and drink up to three times in a week with very few going up to five days; this clearly indicates that alcohol is readily available within the campus and that the alcohol-control policies are somehow lenient.
Though this should not generalize that all students drink, a good number of students have never tasted alcohol within the institution.
The availability of alcohol within the community surrounding the Campus draws students towards alcohol even if the campus authorities are against it.
In order to lower the levels of alcohol abuse among students of drinking age which is set at 21 years by the federal laws, the university encourages students to drink responsibly and behave in a mature manner (O’Malley & Johnston, 2002).
To reduce alcohol abuse the university has ensured that those students selling alcohol within the campus premises have a commercial license that governs their conduct.
 The university has ensured that alcohol is sold in designated points such as the students center and not just anywhere and this helps reduce its accessibility thus reducing its abuse. Any misconduct upon being drunk should be reported to the campus dean within twenty-four hours of such offense and appropriate punishment administered according to the law (Presley, Meilman, & Cashin, 1996).

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