Alcohol Policy Report

Published: 2021-07-02 04:53:44
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The WEOC management deems it necessary to establish a set of stringent guidelines for serving alcohol at all of its events, since the company does not support completely banning alcohol consumption. A single alcohol management policy would help enforce a standard practice free of bias and conflicts. This would ensure that all individuals attending the event have a good time without any disturbance from individuals intoxicated with alcohol. Since the company hosts a fair share of late night parties, it would help prevent accidents resulting from drunken driving.

Moreover, limiting alcohol consumption at events such training programs and conferences would ensure that business productivity is not affected due to overconsumption of alcohol. Enforcing a policy restricting alcohol consumption is essential to exercise control over large crowds at WEOC sponsored sports events. Since WEOC hosts events such as picnics involving attendees of all ages, it is the company’s responsibility to ensure that such events are suitable for all members of a family including children and elderly people.

It is has been proven that individuals under the influence of alcohol may act in a boisterous manner and may even exhibit hostile tendencies. Avoiding individuals from alcohol overdose would help prevent damage to any property in the event premises. It is in the company’s best interest to follow this uniform policy would ensure that none of the employees suffer from alcohol intoxication and behave inappropriately towards a client.
This policy is generally good for business and helps in building a positive brand image, since embarrassing scenarios leading to bad press could be avoided by maintaining a certain degree of civility and orderliness. All employees attending an event serving alcohol would be made aware of this policy and expected to conduct themselves in a socially acceptable manner. It should be duly noted that the following ten-point policy will followed in its entirety by all employees under all circumstances at WEOC events.

All WEOC events where alcohol is served shall be mandatorily required to use the services of a bartender certified through a state-recognized training program on responsible alcohol service.
All event attendees and other staff members with the exception of the certified bartender shall be prohibited from dispensing alcohol.
Underage drinkers will not be entertained and the bartender would have the authority to demand valid identification to authenticate one’s age (Grapevine Bar Catering 2007).
The bartender shall be given the authority to restrict the number of drinks served to all attendees to prevent alcohol intoxication.
Bartenders will have the right to refuse serving certain drinks that can lead to quick and high levels of intoxication.
Any attendee of a WEOC event can be refused alcohol service at anytime if the bartender deems him/her unfit for consuming alcohol.
The bar shall be manned by the bartender at all times and alcohol containers shall remain behind the bar.
Attendees of the event shall not be allowed to carry alcohol out of the facility where the event is taking place.
The bartender shall stop serving drinks 30 minutes prior to the end of any WEOC event.
\Bartenders will be prohibited from accepting any form of tips, in order to avoid biased treatment.

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