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Published: 2021-07-02 04:29:57
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With a solid international experience and background in Accounting and Finance, I am eager to pursue these two interests throughout my future career.

Choosing an educational institution, I also kept my career plans in mind. I am applying for a transfer to New York University, since a world-class school located in the most vibrant economic capital of the world will undoubtedly help me to maximize my contribution to the Accounting profession and open up new career possibilities.

Besides, at the moment when I was standing on top of the Empire State Building, I decided that I am eager to study and work in the wonderful city of New York.
The main reason is definitely my belief in superior quality of Stern Business School’s educational program as compared to most other universities.
Knowledge is more important than ever before in our information-driven age, and in my deepest conviction, Stern will provide me with more profound courses that will expand the knowledge from the basic courses for Accounting Major completed in my community college. Eager to complement my major with Finance classes, I anticipate finding excellent opportunities at Stern that ranks as one of the top US business schools for
Finance curriculum. I have ascertained that I can be successful in this area after my expertise was confirmed by the victory in two stock investment contests in Korea and I obtained experience managing a private asset management company together with my colleagues.
These successes prompted me to switch from Engineering and IT to Accounting. With A’s in all accounting classes at my community college, I believe the time has come to move onwards and to take my knowledge of Accounting and Finance to a new level that will enable me to leverage my experience and inborn abilities.
The international focus of Stern is, from my perspective, another important advantage of the school. Looking on my experience in China where I worked at my father’s international trade business for two years, I still feel the positive effects of this work that helped me improve my knowledge of the Chinese language, as well as receive hands-on experience in trading and enhance my intercultural competence.
The diversity of Stern’s student community is a great asset since it will help me expand the boundaries of my cross-cultural competence and start friendships with people from all over the world. Drawing on my experience of working as a Korean language teacher and participating in the International College Students Association’s cultural exchanges in my community college, I hope to make my contribution to diversity on NYU campus.
I also recognize that, given the vital importance of networking in today’s competitive business environment, studying at Stern can help propel my career through acquaintance with professionals likely to obtain positions in the leading international companies.
This global focus of the school will give me a competitive advantage in achieving my final goal, the position of a CFO in a renowned multinational company. Combined with my knowledge of Chinese, Korean and English, a degree obtained at NYU will maximize my choices for a successful career start.
Access to the hub of the global economy is another important criterion for my choice. I feel that to learn the most about the US economy, I have to get to the center of business located in Manhattan. Using this opportunity, I can help make contacts with those who are at the forefront of what is happening in the US business community.
Located in the middle of the global economy, NYU will give me an excellent chance to search for a job in a top-ranked accounting form after graduation. During studies at NYU, there will surely be plenty of opportunities to increase my prospects of employment through a range of internships and broaden my work experience that is often a decisive factor in accounting careers.
I am positive that Stern Business School will be an important step toward the realization of my ambitious career aspirations. With outstanding faculty, exemplary curriculum, world-wide reputation and international focus, Stern is the ideal match for my future plans.
A degree obtained from NYU will become the next building block of my professional career, taking me further in the exciting pursuit of knowledge about the business world. I strongly believe that years from now, I will be looking at this pivotal point in my life, remembering with gratitude my student years at Stern, full of intriguing discoveries, intense preparation for future work and friendships with outstanding individuals from the whole world.

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