Application for Admission to a Nursing Course

Published: 2021-07-02 04:37:12
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Right from a very young age I had always been interested in alleviating the pain and suffering of those around me. Irrespective of the fact as to whether the person suffering physically was a member of my family, a neighbor or a classmate, I would rush to offer my help and commiserations. My penchant for helping the sick and suffering even extended to animal
s and birds. There was a price to be paid for all this and it was the obtention of average grades. I graduated from high school in Washington and my grade point average was 2.90. Afterwards, I obtained a grade point average of 3.00 in the Camden County Community College. I had made some improvement in the community college. In addition to helping the injured and the sick, I allocated some time to running a performance car shop business.
After some years of this activity, I realized that this was not my calling. My true calling was the nursing profession and after a great deal of careful analysis and planning I decided to make a meaningful and legitimate foray into nursing.

To this end, I decided to obtain a degree in nursing from the Saint Xavier University. I had realized to my great chagrin that in the absence of proper qualification, it would not be possible to realize my ambition of becoming an effective nurse.
The Saint Xavier University or the SXU was founded by the Sisters of Mercy in the year 1846. This university has a reputation for the catholicity of its approach towards individuals hailing from different, ethnic, religious and national backgrounds.
The fact that this university is sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy is clearly evident, because the nursing course at this university combines a greater amount of sympathy and empathy in contrast to similar courses offered by other universities.
After all compassion has always been the hallmark of the Sisters of Mercy (About SXU, 2007). Thus, my ambition to help the sick and injured will be realized if I get admitted to the nursing program at the SXU.
About SXU. (2007). Retrieved October 7, 2007, from Sanit Xavier University:

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