Are Mongols Barbarians?

Published: 2021-07-02 04:55:23
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The strong military, organized government and religious tolerance all pointed that Mongols are civilized; therefore, they should not be called as barbarians which have no humanity, cruel, violent and are lack of managements. The Mongols were used to be small clans which often fight with each other for supplies. Around 1200, Temujin, Genghis Khan, defeated his enemies one by one and united the Mongols. He led the Mongols and found the largest connected land empire in the history, the Mongol Empire.
Mongols created the Pax Mongolia and had great influenced on the later world. First of all, Mongols are not barbarians because they had well-organized government. They divided the large empire into four khanates which made them easier to control. Also the villages were divided into two districts. For example, the village of Saint Denis had a district where the markets were and a district that were all craftsman. Kublai granted taxes and built new capital. Besides, he set new laws, and the crime rate decreased about half.
The Mongols ameliorated the conveyance by building canals. They also established post office that had more than 10,000 posts and 200,000 horses to pass the message. All the systems and reconstructions they created pointed out that Mongols aren’t barbarians. Next, the military organization proved Mongols’ good arrangement ability which lead to a result that they aren’t barbarian. Mongols knew how to use silk as a tool to practice their skills.

The ten soldiers were put into groups and had captain for each. Ten of those groups form a hundred and had another captain. Over ten captains of thousand was a captain who control a thousand men. Above those ten captains was a man. Then one or two chiefs control the whole army with highest command. Mongols also sat traps for other cities, and made fake figures to let the army look bigger and more fearful. The armies protected the trades and routes, too. So the trades and passengers could be safe.
Mongols had shown their smart brains with great thoughts in military with civilized organizations. Last, Mongols had opened-mind and accepted different religious which revealed Mongols’ kindness and religious tolerance. Even though Mongols did not believe in Christianity, there were still Christian churches . Mongols were opened to new ideas, Kublai wanted Marco Polo to bring a hundred Christian. However, Marco Polo didn’t, but the act showed the wide opened- mind of Mongols . They also established society and preserved culture .
The emperor, Mongke Khan even allowed the Christians, Muslims and Buddhists to hold a council and write their true ideas about his laws and books . Mongols are not barbarians, they respected, adopted all religious and ideas. One of the most important empire that ever exist, the Mongol Empire, is often considered as a barbaric rulers. But, they are not. Not only because they well organized their military, government, and also religious tolerance. Mongols are educated and civilized which think when one does.

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