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Published: 2021-07-02 05:28:37
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The ‘Behavioral Theory’ is the most applicable theory that should be used in a training environment. A training environment involves a series of steps wherein all of the participants undergo tedious challenges and examinations in order to achieve the goal that the trainer or examiner wants to achieve. A training environment aims to maximize whatever skills, potentials or strengths a person has so that the latter would be able to achieve the desired result of the training program.

This presupposes that the participants in the training program are not yet the best in their field thus there is a need to train them, so that they would be able to develop whatever is needed by them to excel in whatever field they chose to enter. The environment that a person lives in has an impact in his way of living. Whether or not a person would realize it, the fact remains that his surroundings will always have an effect on him which can be seen through his acts whether he is conscious of doing them or not. This concept is the same as that being relayed by the behavioral theory.

This theory provides in essence, that the skills of the person could be developed with the help of the environment that he is surrounded with. The behavior of a person is dictated by what he senses around him. Thus, everything can be adapted by him and eventually instilled in him. A person can learn and pattern his behavior from what he sees, feels, or thinks. I believe that this is the best theory in training. The success of any training depends on the attitude of the participant. But, there are a lot of factors that should be given importance to be able to help the participant to surpass his training.
The training environment should be adequate for the organization or company that is giving the training. For example, a training camp for swimmers should have a swimming pool, a coach, a strict schedule, diet and good itinerary. The people who are called to engage in the training are not necessarily the best people in the field of swimming. But, with the help of the trainer who motivates them, the strict training schedule which calls for them to get up early in the morning to exercise and swim, to have a healthy diet and others would help a lot in directing the minds of the swimmers to become the best athletes.
A person who is surrounded with positive people who constantly assure a person that it is possible to reach his dreams would be motivated to give his best and eventually excel in his field. These people were not born as the most intelligent or are considered as the gifted ones but they can outshine everybody if they chose to do so. The ‘behavior theory’ imparts the principle that everything can be learned by anyone who puts his heart into it. A person who is surrounded by people who are geared towards the accomplishment of the same goal or purpose would have the focus to really work hard towards that objective.
The manner of thinking and attitude of a person could be changed because he would be able to adapt the attitude of the people around him. Let us compare a situation of two children who were born with different levels of intelligence quotient, one with a superior IQ and the other with an average IQ. The child with the superior IQ is not assured of success and wealth when he grows up. His IQ alone would not suffice to help him stand out in the world if his training is poor. While a child with an average IQ but is hard working, motivated and determined with his training can become more successful than the child with a superior IQ.
The reason for this is that intelligence alone is not enough because the behavior of a person plays a very important role for him to be able to reach his goals. Thus the cognitive theory is not a guarantee for success in a training environment. The ‘behavior theory’ is more holistic in its approach for training individuals in any organization setting. Reference: - Behavioral Theory. Retrieved on May 3, 2009 from website http://changingminds.
org/disciplines/leadership/theories/behavioral_theory. htm. - Cognitive Behavior Theory. Retrieved on May 3, 2009 from website http://www. cognitivebehavior. com/theory/index_p. html.

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