Building construction for fire services

Published: 2021-07-02 05:02:37
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Steel is one of the important elements of construction industry because it is widely used in the construction of railways, roads and buildings. Steel provide numbers of advantage in the construction industry due to its special characteristics such as it is more stronger in respect to the wood, more eco-friendlily (because it is easily recyclable), not deteriorate, rot, warp, bed or twist, resistant to fire, hurricanes, tsunami and earthquakes, resistant to termites and insects, requires low weight interior walls and easily used in difficult building locations.

As like other materials it has also some limitations such as it is, more expensive than wood and it requires skilled professional contractors for construction. Steel play a important role in fire fighting industry and also makes the job of fire fighter easier. Firefighter is trained person who save life, property, aid and assist during natural disaster. They used several equipments in their work for eg. Ladder trucks, pamper trucks, fire house ad fire extinguishers which are all constructed of steel due to its light weight in handling and stronger than other metal, more durability.

The well-coated steel pipes helps in continues flow of water and there by immediate control on fire. As steel provides number of advantages to fire fighters but it also creates hurdles in performing their task because it frequently react to environment and forms rust which result immediate linkage pipe and damage of pipe. Steel is very easily prone to fire because of its high melting point therefore; it is always advisable to use such material, which is in flammable to prevent smoke and damage or to limit the fire to small areas.
Therefore, from above discussion, we can conclude that steel play a crucial role in the development of fire industry but it is affected by certain limitations. Therefore, it is advisable to use steel by acting appropriately then only it is most successful. The fire fighters should take appropriate steps to successfully rescue their operation Reference: Referred to sites: 1. http://www. smart-homeowner. com/articles/9651/pros and cons of steel framing. 2. http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Firefighter/Fire fighter dated 1st July 2007

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