Burger King Critique Essay

Published: 2021-07-02 04:11:18
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To succeed in the market, Burger King (BK) should be able to carve a positive identity to set them apart from competitors and continue their good relations with their customers. Bill Dueease writes that BK needs to show consumers a good reason for them to choose BK over others. Thus, BK needs to assess and compare itself with its competitors to find what its strengths and unique qualities are. BK’s success is dependent on its ability to maintain old customers as well as find new ones.

According to Laura Lake, different brands have different brand missions, but they all pass or fail depending on how well they are able to identify and gain customers’ preferences as this is one of the most important means of accomplishing their objectives. 2. What should be the advertising objective/s of BK? As with all marketing approaches, BK should get to know who they are selling their product to so that they can sell it well and effectively. Lake writes that brands should be able to tell what consumers like and dislike about their brand so that they could improve on those and attract more.

BK should focus their marketing approach on a specific demographic. Further, Dueease points out that BK could improve their appeal by making sure that their entire package from pricing, promotion, positioning, and product developments is impeccable. 3. Who do you think would be the target audience of the ads? Crispin relied on elements other than the usual television and print ad advertising. They used the web and music to get people interested and eventually connect those interests with the BK franchise.
Crispin’s ads targeted young people who are into music and surfing the internet for interesting things. They are the kind of people who would appreciate the Coq Roq band and the humor of the subservient chicken website. Works Cited Dueease, Bill. “8 Secrets to Marketing Success. ” Power Home Biz. 16 Sept. 2003. 12 Dec. 2008. http://www. powerhomebiz. com/vol125/eight. htm Lake, Laura. “Focusing on your Target Audience. ” About. com. 2008. The New York Times. 12 Dec. 2008. http://marketing. about. com/cs/brandmktg/a/target_market. htm

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