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Published: 2021-07-02 04:36:18
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Answer the following questions in about 1500 words total. (i.e. each in 500 words) Q.1. Discuss the importance of curriculum evaluation. (250 words)
Keypoints :

Definition of Curriculum
Meaning of Curriculum
Curriculum Evaluation
Importance of Curriculum Evaluation
Curriculum is a set of planned and purposeful learning experiences, based on intended learning outcomes and organised around development levels of students.
Some of the famous definitions are :
“A curriculum is a structured series of intended learning outcomes” – Johnson, 1967
“A curriculum is an attempt to communicate the essential principles and features of an educational concept in such a form that it is open to critical scrutiny and capable of effective translation into practice.” - Lawarence Stenhouse, 1975
“A curriculum is an organised set of formal educational and/or training intentions.” - David hatt, 1980
Curriculum has been defined in many ways by different learned people. It can be summed up as: A school’s written courses of study and other curriculum materials. The subject content taught to the students.
The courses offered in a school, and
The totality of planned learning experiences offered to students in a school.
In other words we can also say :
The curriculum is a list of planned learning experiences offered to the students under the direction of the school.
Evaluation is to judge to what extent the objectives of the curriculum are achieved through implementation of curriculum. This process is undertaken in order to determine the strengths and weaknesses of an existing or an under construction curriculum so that improvements can be made in curriculum design.
Evaluation means both; assessment of students to find how much of the intended curriculum has been transacted, and also what actually happens in a classroom as experienced by the students when they are involved in learning activities. These experiences of the student$ need not be confined to the four walls of a classroom and within the stipulated time frame of a tigid school schedule. These could also include activities which form part of hidden curriculum like wearing a school uniform, standing up when the teacher enters the class and
Curriculum evaluation is very important in order to improve student learning and hence the quality of education. The following are the main purposes of curriculum evaluation.
1. To develop a new curriculum: If we need to develop a new curriculum then it is very important that we evaluate an already existing curriculum and then change it to suit our requirement, as per the need of our system and organisation.
2. To review a curriculum under implementation: It is very important after implementation of a curriculum to get regular feedbacks on it. If required amendments can be made to it for effective realisation of all the objectives related to it.
3. To remove ‘dead wood’ and update an existing curriculum: It is essential to remove obsolete ideas and practices from curriculum and include current developments in the curriculum. In order to make objective decisions about inclusion or deletion of content or practices, curriculum evaluation will be very necessary.
4. To find out the effectiveness of a curriculum: Curriculum evaluation is also necessary to know the effectiveness of a curriculum in terms of the achievement of its immediate as well as long term objectives.
Thus, curriculum evaluation can help us take objective decisions on development and implementation of curriculum. Curriculum evaluation will let us know whether the goals and tasks that we have set are actually being achieved or not.

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