Difference between Branding and Advertising

Published: 2021-07-02 04:19:28
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Branding is a marketing strategy in which a name, slogan or logo is assigned to a product or a service for the market to recognize and be familiar with them. A good brand name should be; legally protectable, easy to pronounce, easy to remember, easy to recognize, attract attention and make a clear distinction amongst competitors. This process of assigning name aims at increasing the product or service perceived value to the potential customer currently and in future. Companies may create brand variations from the same product so as to produce a product that will fit the desired market and gain the retail shelf space.
The rationalization of brands can be done time to time so as to increase production and marketing efficiencies. is also a marketing tool in which producers of goods and services uses media to communicate and educate the public on the information concerning their product or a service to reach a targeted population. This service is provided freely or charged at fee by organizations that legalized to offer the service. In each country there are rules and regulations that stipulate ways in which advertising is to be done.
This includes the timing, placement and the content to be included in the advert. Various forms of media are used to deliver the messages include; print, audio, digital or video depending on the type of audience expect to get the information. Although advertising is necessary for economic growth its increase in public areas has negative effects on the society. Branding and advertising are both strategies that are used by marketing agencies of a product so as to compete effectively with other companies producing similar products.

After a product or a service is made, a brand name is designed to it and then an advertising media is selected so as to inform the public of the product and where it can easily be found. Thus branding was as a result of increased varieties of products serving the same purpose and companies had to develop uniqueness in their products by giving the names that differentiate them from others. Advertising then is employed to reach the target population by use of billboards, television commercials, radio, newspapers, internet or any other place where audience can easily see or hear.
For a product or a service to be marketed globally, there are important factors to be incorporated when branding and advertising. First developing brand name which will be familiar with all potential customers depending on their localities so that they can easily associate the product with the name, making best of use advert and increasing the rate of installing advert locally and in other countries will ensure unification and healthier competition amongst brands from different countries.
Communication between countries can be improved through advertising when information concerning a product is done in foreign countries. Cultural and natural heritage exchange between nations can be realize through branding and advertising cultural activities which are practiced in one country but not practiced in another country like visiting museums and parks.
All these activities in the long run create a close business relationship amongst the countries over the globe where products and services available in one country are offered in other countries advertising media and business transaction can be exchanged. Thus branding and advertising can be used as agents of globalization in social, cultural, political technological, economical and ecological aspects from one county to another.

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