Differing Cultures

Published: 2021-07-02 04:44:55
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One society that significantly differs from the United States in terms of values and beliefs are the Chinese. Possibly the most significant difference between the two is that the Chinese is generally a conservative society while the United States is more liberal-minded. This is best shown in their attitude towards sex and religion, among many others. Based on recent survey and studies, there were a lot of Americans who have had sexual intercourse in their teenage years.
In short, most Americans, particularly the youth, view sex as more of a casual thing as compared to the Chinese who have strict prohibitions regarding sex. Moreover, the Americans are more vocal about sex as well as other sensitive issues regarding race and gender, among others while the Chinese prefer not to talk about these issues publicly. In addition, the Chinese are more superstitious than the Americans. This is shown in their popular practices such as feng-shui and various rituals during death and marriage, to name a few.
Furthermore, the Chinese has a more preserved culture than the United States as shown in their various traditions that are still being practiced today. They also maintain and practice their cultural beliefs and principles no matter where they go, which is shown in the various “Chinatowns” across the world wherein the population is predominantly Chinese. On the other hand due to the United States’ cultural diversity, it is hard to determine exactly what their practices are except during holidays.

Basically, the vast differences between the two societies can greatly affect marketing strategies and decisions since commercial companies and businesses, particularly the international ones, would always have to ensure that their advertisements would not offend a certain society. For example, it would be hard for a liberal product to penetrate markets in China or in Chinese societies if its advertisements contain things that are offensive to them. In other words, this difference in culture would more often than not alter marketing decisions in a way that would be fair to all cultures and societies.

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