Digital Media And Democracy Tactic

Published: 2021-07-02 04:41:04
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Category: Internet, Democracy, Digital Media, Semiotics

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Transformation nowadays was at hand in different facet of our lives. Same with the instance in the field of media practices, everyone has the right to participate in this free trade of information. The query if this alteration in media can be utilized in forming social movements was at hand. Taking this into account, clearly we can say that new technologies can take us to another level. It is so powerful that it can contribute to the knowledge that we possess and it can even mold us to be someone we dream of becoming.
Technologies absolutely provide us with lots of awareness and new ideas, “ is offering us new standards, platforms and ways of expression” (Boler). In the with Boler, interesting topic that unravels the layers of expression through the use of technologies, blogging is one of the concepts that have been touch. Indeed, it connotes a new system of negating with other people. Of course there are a certain restrictions in making a blog for instance, but the focal point of everything is simply going deep with the material and exploring the new concept of technology, this is what can make us truly express our emotions.
Using this medium we would be able to have a grip towards the different phenomenon in our realm. Globalization has a lot to do with the fuzz about the internet. Practically, the emerging technique of using the internet was said to expand the horizon of an individual. On the contrary, the effects of such was claimed by some to be alarming since it dominates liberalization and freedom of speech, “internet’s material properties are biased towards openness, liberalization, democracy, freedom of speech and communication” (Boler). Censorship on matters of exceeding within the limits of exhausting the internet should be inflicted.

People who are engage in using the system should know the proper utilization. We know how powerful our new systems could get and we can never deny the fact that the improper use of such could result into a serious matter of politics. Anything that is set to contain in any sites should be filtered in any way to increase the sensitivity of everyone. This extraordinary issue of technological upgrading should not be exploited to serve only one purpose; it is ultimately design for the common good and for the sake of everyone else.

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