Dropout Rate among High School Students

Published: 2021-07-02 04:35:59
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Every year there are thousands of high school students who dropout of school for different reasons in the United States. The data’s statistics regarding the dropout rate of high school students in America since 1990 showed that it diminishes slowly and the problem has been continuing up to this present time. That is why; researches, campaigns and law have been promulgated to help on preventing students to dropout of school. However, the greatest thing to be done is the support of every individual on preventing and helping high school students to stay on schooling.

Since the issue is not just pertaining to a dropout student but also with the society as well so every high school dropouts affects society on its economic status. Dropout Rate among High School Students Since the past years, the rate of high school dropouts was considerably higher and has been one of the great issues pertaining to education and to the society. Every time the clock ticks there is one student who drops out of school. And, this dropping out of school affects not only the individual’s life, career or future; but also the community and the economic status of the country as well.

That is why it has been a great concern of every policymakers and educational institutions to resolve the problem which continually acts like a terrible disease, a “silent epidemic” of a country, taking into consideration the dropout rates in the past years in the United States. This paper will show the following information: 1. Dropout rate of high school in America. 2. Effects of high school dropouts to education and to the society. 3. How does dropout rate could be best resolved in both policy and innovative practices.
Dropout Rate of High School in America From the early years of individuals’ education, students were compelled by parents to continue studying as much as possible. Because it is said that education is one of the major assets which one can keep for the whole lifetime. Education is a treasure which will give future career and better life. However, many high school students dropped out of school even if parents had given advice and thoughts regarding a better life with the help of standard education.
The dropout rate of high school students never diminishes worldwide. In the United States’ rate of dropout, it shows a little change in the past years from 1990 to 2000 (Table 1). “Data compiled by NCES (National Center for Education Statistics) indicates that the percentage of 16-through 24-year-olds who were dropouts ranged between 10. 9 and 12. 5 percent” (General Accounting Office-GAO, 2002, p. 7).
NCES’s dropout rates, of America, in percentage of 16- Through 24 yrs. old who were dropout from Oct. 1990 through Oct. 2000 (cited in GAO, 2002, p. 7) Although, region’s dropout rate shows a discrepancy wherein “[t]he highest dropout rates occurred in the South and West, while the lowest rates occurred in the Northeast and Midwest” (GAO, 2002). It’s visible in table 2, “while the national portion of 16 through 24-year-olds that were dropouts was 10. 9 percent in October 2000, the regional averaged ranged from 12. 9 percent in the South to 8. 5 percent in the Northeast” (GAO, 2002, p. 8)

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