Dumping of oil, liquid wastes

Published: 2021-07-02 04:27:34
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Of course getting rid of the waste is easy but there are several environmental and human health concerns that are raised as a result of it. Incineration of waste material exhibits different types of toxic air pollutants such as, cadmium, sulfur dioxide, lead, nitrogen oxide, and mercury that are very harmful and contaminate the air (oppapers. com, 2010). Acid rains and smog are the by-products of incineration that don’t only pollute the atmosphere but also the lands that are used for agricultural purposes.

It’s of no wonder that if the wastes – either solid or liquid – are dumped improperly to any place results in the growth of mosquitoes that carry dengue fever virus, which has a domino effect of malaria and headache. Dengue fever has around 23 strains that worsen the health of the victim for several weeks or even months. On the other hand, sewage contamination worsens the water quality of the rivers or other reservoirs from where the water is supplied to the citizens.

Over drinking such water, people became the victims of Diarrhea and other stomach problems; moreover, these diseases further deteriorate the skin of a person and causes skin cancer. Droughts or famines come when the landfills and acid rains make the soil infertile and incapable for the use of agricultural purposes. Not only this, along with human beings, the marine life and other animal species are vulnerable to our reckless waste disposal. Dumping of oil, liquid wastes, and throwing off of several other materials and wastes into the rivers and sea causes the marine life to extinct.
As in the case of Chevron, previously known as Texaco, where the company dumped off huge amounts of solid and liquid wastes into the Amazon River which later resulted in the proliferation of several diseases for human beings along with other marine species. Considerable number of people and animals died as a result of it. Answer – 2 Children are more vulnerable to air pollutants due to several reasons. First, there organic and immune system is quite sensitive and vulnerable as compared to that of others; therefore, children have greater tendency of catching the diseases.
Secondly, children often spend more time outside there home; for instance, six to seven hours in school and 2 to three hours playing outside with friends. Hence the probability of indulging and interacting with pollution increases, so is with the diseases. Answer – 3 As a Health Educator in this multi-disciplinary team, I would assist the nurse to develop and implement a program for the reduction of exposure of air pollution to the community in the following way. I would provide her with the necessary precautionary equipments such as, masks sun-screen lotions that must be there for the children if air pollution is quite dense.
Secondly, I would recommend her not to let the children go out to play or do any other activity in case of bad weather or polluted air conditions. Third, I would assist her in planting as much plants and trees as possible so that they take away carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release fresh oxygen. Fourth, forbid people to use the gas that burns more and emits toxic and dark black smoke that further worsens the environment. Fifth, minimizing smoking at home or workplace that can otherwise harm children; and finally, making use of air filters to get fresh air and not the polluted one.

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