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Published: 2021-07-02 04:23:09
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Nowadays globalization is becoming more and more popular. It allows us to meet and experience different cultures, societies, technologies and many other things. It helps different countries to exchange useful information. Globalization just unites people from all over the world. In the n present age globalization has also a great influence on Armenia, which can be seen from our cultural changes, educational changes and religious changes. Globalization allows us to experience different cultures in our country. Many foreign countries have spread their culture, lifestyle in Armenia.
First example of these can be the mobile phones we use. They may have been created in China or Japan, but here we use them. Second example can be the cars we use on our streets, which may have been also created in foreign countries. Third can be American culture, which has been spread here through famous American companies such as Coca cola, McDonalds and so on. All we can do is accept cultural changes, which help us to live more comfortable. In Armenia globalization has also affected on our . Today better and more advanced methods of education have spread in Armenia through globalization.
First can be Bologna system, which is used by some Universities in Armenia. Second is learning English language, which makes easier to communicate with foreigners, because English is spoken in almost every country and everybody understand it. Globalization helps us to expand our teaching and learning experience. Today globalization has also a great influence on religion. Now many new religions and religious groups have spread in our country. A result of religious globalization can be different sects, which have been spread here from Europe and are protesting against a church.

Globalization needs to be more widely understood by people, especially some of its aspects, which have negative results for our society. So globalization plays an important role in our life. It interferes with culture, education, religion and so on. Globalization helps us to learn more about different countries, their culture and lifestyle. It helps us to expand our knowledge and to live more comfortable and peaceful. Globalization also helps people to create new things but it`s very important to maintain our national values, identity and personality.

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