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Published: 2021-07-02 04:18:45
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1. Which of the six change images discussed in this chapter can be identified in the assumptions about managing turnover that were held by • Gunter? • The hospitality literature? • The consultant? The change image that can identified in assumptions about manager turnover would have to start with change image #2. This particular change image the change manager as navigator. Gunter wanted to be able to control the actual turnover rate that where happening within his organization. Gunter seen the turnover as being a bad look for the company.
In most cases I would also agree that a high turnover rate can be less attractive to employees. “In the navigator image, control is still seen as at the heart of management action, although a variety of factors external to managers mean that while they may achieve some intended change outcomes, others will occur over which they have little control” . So Gunter wanted to be the navigator in this situation so that he can take control of the turnovers. No matter the changes Gunter tried to make he was unable to lower turnover rates.
Gunter offer one of the top training available to employees and they all would leave to go on to bigger and better position and they took the training and knowledge of the hospitality system from Gunter’s hospitality organization. The change image that the consultant had was change image number where the change manager was the coach. Since Gunter had tried all he could to change the organization the consultant came in as a coach to help Gunter find a way to turn things around. The way the consultant was able to do was coaching Gunter through the turnover process ensuring him that these turnover can be seen as positive.

The consultant expressed to Gunter that he had to look at thing differently and he help Coach Gunter through that. Allowing him to see that his organization was creating wonderful employees who were able to move forward to bigger organization in higher roles. 2. How did these assumptions influence prescriptions for dealing with “the turnover problem”? These assumption help influence the prescription for dealing with turnovers by open the eyes of Gunter to see what his organization has to offer to employees.
It helped Gunter see that his organization was a top training organization and that they presented employees with the opportunity to gain a lot of knowledge with the opportunity to move forward in their careers at a fast pace. 3. Choose another change image and apply it to “the turnover problem. ” To what new insights does it lead? Another change image that could be applied to the turnover problem would be Image 5: Change Manger as interpreter. The particular change image help manager make sense of the current change. So that they may be able to understand the necessary change.
The high turnover meant that the organization has prepare their employees to take on bigger challenges. “The interpreter image is present in Karl Wieck’s 47 sense-making theory of organizational change. He suggests that a central focus is needed on the structuring processes and flows through which organizational work occurs. Adopting the latter perspective leads one to see organizations as being in an ongoing state of accomplishment and re-accomplishment with organizational routines constantly undergoing adjustments to better fit changing circumstances”.
It may not make sense at first but being able to interpret why he turnover has happened and what positive has come out of the situation. The turnover made the organization one of the top prospective companies for other resorts to look to gain new employees from because of the high level training program. 4. What conclusions do you draw from this about the statement at the start of the chapter that “if we only draw upon one particular frame, then this will take us away from thinking about what is going on from an alternative perspective”?
This is a very powerful statement and what it make me think of is being closed minded. It says to me that if you focus only on one statement or one area then it limits you from seeing the other things that are going on around. By having tunnel vision an individual or group can miss out on some of the most important things occurring around them. We have to know how to think outside of the box not just think about the things within that box.

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