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Published: 2021-07-02 04:08:24
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Introduction of Company De Famous Trading Company is a new establishment and located in Klang, Selangor. Our company was founded in July 2011 and established with a fully computerized inventory system to provide more efficient services to all the valued customers. Strict operation process, careful inspection and high quality service with competitive prices enable us to win the long term business relationships from all customers. Our aim is to become a leading supplier of stationery in the international market.
We are also working to provide services to companies and be the supplying man power to many renowed universities in Selangor area. We are striving to provide better price and better service to our customers. In terms of nature business, De Famous Trading Company is always stick to the quotes on ‘Going green’ for inspiration and motivation to change. We are one of the companies who supply green stationery and office products. We select products that are environmentally benign or have environmental advantages over the standard stationery equivalents.
We have a unique range of products. Many new Green products are showcased by manufacturers in our Green catalogue before they become available to the normal office supply companies. Our company owners have gained experience in both areas before venturing into the business, including relevant areas such as managing and accounting. Our staff are knowledgeable and willing to give you advice on individual products and their wider impacts.

There are five of us in the office, and the hours are flexible, so that staff can lead full lives as artists, campaigners, and occasionally normal people. We all get a say in how the company runs, and working life is generally relaxed, and has the tendency to meander into rambling discussions about deep ecology and the meaning of life. All our customers give positive feedback with our goods and serives since our establisment. We offer the best prices and discounts on eco-friendly stationery and do not charge a premium for green items.
We are also a mine of information on the green office and we can untangle most of the competing environmental claims made by manufacturers. Green purchasing is an essential element in reducing the huge amount of waste generated by our disposable consumer culture, endemic in most standard offices. We aim to maintain business practices consistent with the goals of sustaining our fragile environment for future generations, within a culture that respects life and honours its interdependence.

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