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Published: 2021-07-02 05:36:55
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In Midsayap, in a small and poverty-stricken town in North Cotabato, Philippines, four public schools have been given modern computer technology to help the teachers improve instruction for the benefit of the students. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has donated the computers, installed with tools and applications for teaching. The donations were in relation to USAID’s project to help provide equal access to education and learning that would eventually incite livelihood among the peoples of disadvantaged and unfortunate nations.

(Manila Bulletin, 2009) The contribution of computer technology to the field of education relates to the issue of professional responsibility. The progress and advancement of computers and technology are extremely valuable to society considering the many benefits and advantages that it may provide to various areas of human life including education. It is a professional responsibility to ensure that along with the progress of computer technology development, it is being used to develop or expand other fields and areas of human life as well.

It is important that the given opportunity for computer technology to flourish by man be given back to society by ensuring that this kind of technology benefits society as well. Modern computer technology has helped educators in developing countries provide the kind of quality education that most people in developed nations benefit from. It paves way to equality in terms of affording education.
The employment of modern computer technology in Midsayap to improve learning standards and instructional processes is a good chance for the students and their families to improve their quality of life since fine education will help them find promising jobs in the future. Ultimately, modern computer technology contributes to the alleviation of unawareness or lack of knowledge and poverty. Manila Bulletin. (2009). Modern Computer Technology Benefits North Cotabato Mentors.
Retrieved 17 Jul 2009, from Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation. Website: http://www. mb. com. ph/articles/208880/modern-computer-technology-benefits-north-cotabato-mentors The Internet: Media for All The development of the Internet through computer processes and functions was seen as one of the liberating events in the history of human life. During the period of revolution, the people have been constantly searching for a means by which they would be able to express their sentiments and demands.
However, during that time, the influence of the media was restricted and controlled by large companies and industries. This all changed when the Internet was introduced in the 20th century. It has been called the media of the people since the information presented and exchanged were not restricted or limited by the personal interests of powerful people or organizations. Despite the establishment of various laws and regulations, the Internet remains to be an open medium of communication and exchange of ideas for the people.
The utilization of Internet as a means to express ideas and communicate through appropriate computer functions and processes relate to the issue of freedom of expression and the concept of mass media. Gone were the days when the news and information being conveyed through the media are influenced by various influential interest groups. The Internet paved way to open communication that is guided by fair regulations allowing every person that has access to it to become the media themselves.
The existence of the Internet and the continued open access to it by the people implies that it is a medium by which they can practice their human rights through freedom of expression. Not only is the Internet a means to communicate to anyone around the world but it is also a perfect medium for people to express their pleas against others who violate human rights, expose valuable information that the public should know, inform or educate other people, and so on. UK in Korea. (2009). “Freedom of Expression in the Digital Age”: Embassy Hosts Conference on 3 July (26/06/2009).
Retrieved 17 Jul 2009, from Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Website: http://ukinkorea. fco. gov. uk/en/newsroom/? view=PressR&id=20285376 Computer Technology Contributes to Car Safety INTEL Corporation, one of the most powerful, influential, and innovative technology company in the world has taken car-safety technology to a whole new level. The company has been employing researchers and analysts who are currently working nonstop to perfect an accuracy software that is meant to be installed in automotives for safety. The project was presented to an audience of previewers.
The software was installed in a car model. Among the features of the software was human recognition wherein the device detects people inside the car, wireless networking that allows the device to connect to all the devices inside the car with networking capabilities, sensors that provide the car with relative connections to stoplights, devices along the roads the record traffic data, and communication to other cars as a means to detect possible collisions or accidents for the automatic activation of the emergency brakes.
The technology developed by INTEL Corporation relates to professional responsibility. As previously discussed, the exponential development of technology in any aspect is the industry’s debt to man who has the knowledge and resources to develop it limitlessly for the disposal of humankind. For this reason, it is the responsibility of technology and everyone working behind to develop it to open up opportunities that would allow it to benefit man.
This establishes the purpose of technology and uncovers the reason why people should support technological growth and development. The development of the accuracy software, or any other computer device that supports human safety for that matter, is extremely significant to society simply because these kinds of devices maintain and contribute to the preservation of life. Furthermore, these devices allow man to carry on with his daily tasks and obligations with less worries. Business Mirror.
(2009). Intel Shows Off Car-Safety Devices, Accuracy Software. Retrieved 18 Jul 2009, from Business Mirror. Website: http://www. businessmirror. com. ph/component/content/article/52-technology/12073-intel-shows-off-car-safety-devices-accuracy-software-. html Terrorism Finds a Match in Cyber Security Strategy As a means to increase the national security system of United Kingdom against cyber threats and terrorism, the nation’s government has introduced a new Cyber Security Strategy.
United Kingdom’s efforts were regarded as the “first strategy of its kind,” (ICM, 2009) rendering it as possibly the most advanced and sophisticated digital design intended to combat cyber terrorism that may cripple any country’s national defenses. The United Kingdom government has assigned able and trusted organizations to complete the Cyber Security Strategy project including MI5 and the Metropolitan Police. In order to establish and solidify the foundations of the program, the government has created an independent group to operate the system and appoint skilled and knowledgeable officials to oversee security operations.

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