Marketing Strategy for Aston Martin Cars

Published: 2021-07-02 04:18:14
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A critical analysis of the Aston Motors company has showed that the company has a number of strengths that it can based on for its economic success. Some of these include the ability to produce very good quality of cars.

This can be traced back to the company's excellent group of engineers who design and recommend the use of high quality materials for their newly designed models. It is also important to note that although the panel of engineers can recommend the best materials, it is the supplies department of the company that is actually responsible for this strength.

Second, the company has a very good reputation in the market on which it can capitalize to win the customers amid a very competitive motor manufacturing industry.
The company is very well known for producing cars that have severally won in motor sport competitions and which are known for their uniqueness in terms of quality and body as well as chassis designs.
Another strength for this company emerges from this aspect of quality expertise and a good capital base in that it has the capacity and potential to increase its designs and quality products.
The brand name of Aston Motors company is Aston Motors and it is very much selling in the market. The company can also consider its reputable brand name as one of its major strengths because it can form a strong basis of the company's further expansion plans.
Due to its powerful brand name, the company's branch based in south Africa realised annual sales that were about three times the number of cars it expected to sale. Specifically, it had predicted an annual sale of about forty cars in its first year since establishment in South Africa but it turned out that the actual sales were something to do with one hundred and fourteen cars (Bright 2007).
Several weaknesses have also been identified in the Aston Motors company or in the way it makes its daily operations. First, the company was established to have poorly competed in the motor industry especially with when compared with some of the major industries in small car manufacturing.
Second, the top management of the company has continuously neglected to address the needs of middle class population all over the world who form a sizeable potential market.
Instead, it has chose to address the needs of a very thin segment of the society who are mainly the noble people, the celebrities and companies that sponsor motor sports when they need to buy cars for their candidates (Doolittle 2003). This has been perceived negatively by most people irrespective of race or geographical location.
A close look at the history of the Aston Motors company shows that the company has not made faired well in terms of making profits out of its business operations. It is an historic trend that can be traced back to the first world war (Gartman 1994)..
Although there are other small car manufacturing companies that have performed much worse than this, for example the Lotus motors, each company operates on its own and the performance of one company can not be a measure of how another is performing.
Therefore the Aston Motors company should not use the failure of a few of it competitors as an excuse of its continues poor performance.

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