North-west Frontier Province and National Peace Award

Published: 2021-07-02 04:55:16
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Being only sixteen years old did not matter squat to Malala Yousafazi. In a short fourteen years, she has won fame for fighting for peace, womens rights, and humanity. Last year, she won the National Peace award in Pakistan for all her efforts. In 2009—at only the age of 11—she fought Taliban insurgency that tried to take over her village of Swat. She wanted to set up her own political party which would campaign the right of young Pakistani girls to education. This girl—this heroine—was shot by a member of the Taliban, in the head and the neck, and is now in critical condition.
The Taliban called her work “obscenity”. I call it heroism. They tried to silence this girl forever—they tried, and are still trying, to silence the ideas of freedom and rights and forever. But they will not win this war, not while human beings like Malala Yousafzai breathe and fight. An army chief called Malala “an icon of courage and hope”. She’s more than that, much more. She’s the dawn of a new generation, the leader of a revolution in which humanity and justice prevails over the whole world.
Malala, she stand as a role model for every girl in the world, to fight for what we believe in, no matter what the cost. she’ve brought a beautiful gift to the world, and to Pakistan, the gift of belief; belief that things can change. her message does not go unheard just as her own ideas have never gone unspoken. God-willing, we will see she gets back on her feet and go, to advocate for the rights shef deserve, with the power of the world behind her. We will see her reform her country and much more. we Thank her, for the inspiration she gave us all, by being a free-thinker, as much of a warrior as her namesake.

The film I saw I recently saw an American movie which had impressed me much with its technical, screenplay and acting excellence. ?Witness? comes from Hollywood and it is an enjoyable crime thriller. ?Amish? is an old forgotten culture in Pennsylvania. They live secluded with their unchanged 18th Centuary culture away from the modern society. They live a peasant life without any modern gadgets. As Amish boy unconsciously becomes an eyewitness to a murder. Killers belong to the police force and are very powerful.
An honest detective takes the responsibility of saving the little boy from the killers and busting the crime. He becomes successful ultimately. The main attraction of the film is the excellent picturisation of ? Amish? culture. Every frame brings out the elegant beauty of a forgotten innocence with a contrast of modern ? organised crime?. A small 5-years old boy, the ? witness? is no natural with his stunning performance. Their faith, clannish loyalty and social discipline are filmed with a visual perfection. No overacting, melodramatic scenes and unrealistic car-chase and fights.
The effect of the story strikes our thoughts so forcefully but nowhere the characters overplay their emotions. Harrison Ford, as a leading character expresses the pain of knowing the killers in all his tired and agonized looks. Here crime is not glorified. Hard truth of responsible people turning into betrayers is depicted quite efficiently in this movie. I think of it often and imagine the scene clearly. Even if they come to kill me, I will tell them what they are trying to do is wrong, that education is our basic right. ” “I have a new dream . . .
I must be a politician to save this country. There are so many crises in our country. I want to remove these crises. ” -Malala Yousafzai “They cannot stop me; I will get my education if it is in home, school or any place. ” –Malala Yousafzai Malala Yousafzai is a 16 year old who has been advocating for women’s education in Pakistan since she was 11 when she wrote a pseudonymous blog for the BBC about her experiences living under Taliban rule. The Taliban controls the Swat Valley in Pakistan, and had attempted numerous times to prohibit women and girls from attending school.
They have removed signs on school buildings and have even destroyed schools to prevent women from being educated. In her BBC blog, Yousafzai describes having to go to school while the streets echo with gunshots and being forced to stay at home because women were not allowed to attend schools, but studying anyway, even though she was unsure if she would be allowed to take her exams. In 2012 Yousafzai was riding on a bus home from school when she was shot in the neck and head by the Taliban in an assassination attempt.
She survived this attack, and has continued to fight for women’s education in Pakistan. In an interview with Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show” from Oct. 9, 2013, Yousafzai said, “I used to think that the Talib would come, and he would just kill me. But then I said, ‘If he comes, what would you do Malala? ’ then I would reply to myself, ‘Malala, just take a shoe and hit him. ’ But then I said, ‘If you hit a Talib with your shoe, then there would be no difference between you and the Talib.’”
“You must not treat others with cruelty and that much harshly, you must fight others, but through peace and through dialogue and through education. Then I said I will tell him how important education is and that ‘I even want education for your children as well. ’ And I will tell him, ‘That’s what I want to tell you, now do what you want,’” Yousafzai said . Despite being personally hunted down by the Taliban for her activism, Yousafzai continues to be wise well beyond her years. In 2011, she was nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize and awarded the National Youth Peace Prize.
Yousafzai also founded the Malala Education Foundation which assists underprivileged girls attend school. Next time you might consider skipping class because the weather is inconvenient or you did not finish your homework, just remember all that Yousafzai has done and been through for her education and the education of others. She took a bullet at point blank range because she wanted to learn and wanted others to have the right to learn as well. I think it will be okay if you have wet shoes during class once in a while.

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