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Published: 2021-07-02 04:08:49
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1. Project Rationale
Computer today is a vital tool for the management of information within the organization. Today, most of the hotels and resorts provide goods and services using computer system. It helps to perform task in an easy way with less time consumed. Some companies become fully automated while others strive for the similar setting. Today, many systems have used an automation process like using computer system, due to the efficient and accuracy.
Hotel Reservation System with Billing System and automated SMS is proposed to help the company to reduce some common problems that exist. This system will help the establishment as regards to their online reservation system. The main function of the proposed online reservation system is to help the company to promote, advertise and easy booking for the guest, will also make their operation efficient and effective.

The proponents conduct a study towards the topic because we noticed some of the hotels and resorts are using online hotel reservation system while the Cliffside Resort is still using manual reservation. Therefore, the proponents aim to find out how to increase the number of customer using computerize online reservation and with billing system and automated SMS. The hotel reservation system will provide service to online customers, travel agents, and an administrator.
Online customers and travel agents can make searches, reservations and cancel an existing reservation on the hotel reservation’s web site. It helps the customer to reserve rooms through the internet, see the available rooms; the rates of it and at the same time the system will automatically total the rate of the reserved room. Administrator can add/update the hotel and the room information approve/disapprove a new travel agent’s account application and generate a monthly occupancy rate report for the hotel. The online reservation system with billing system aims to simplify the manual reservation faster and accurate.
The study aims to develop a computerized operation at Cliffside Resort to improve efficiency of its daily business transactions thus, enhancing the
quality of service for its guests. This chapter will cover the background of the company and the problems that confront the company in relation to operations.
2. Project Description
2.1 Statement of the Problem
2.1.1 General Problem
Hotel customers choose important considerations in choosing a place to stay like location, price/value and service. These are very important because these are the primary basis of a customer to be attracted in that business. Since the researchers found out that manual procedure are still used in processing their billing and reservation transactions, it greatly affects their customer’s need.
2.1.2 Specific Problem Difficulty in location of guest files: due to the large number of guests’ files, location of guest files during checking in, updating of daily expenditures, receipt generation and checking out is extremely difficult for the hotel employees. Large storage space: the physical files occupy too much space of about two rooms full of storage cabinets. This occupies the hotel’s space that could have otherwise been used for income generation by the hotel. Human and computational errors: many errors enabled by the present system, which is the manual system, due to tedious computations required during data processing cost the hotel management heavily. The hotel billing statement doesn’t provide specific or detailed information regarding on customer’s payment or charges. Complains from guests: due to poor management of documents encouraged by the manual system, several cases were reported where guests complained of overcharging, charging of services not used by the guests. Poor communication: due to poor communication between the departments, guests are often served with services they didn’t order. Difficulty in data analysis: The accountants usually found it difficult to analyze the guests’ data during generation of expenditure bills due to missing of some records. Inefficient monitoring of room’s availability.
3. Proposed Project Research
3.1.1 General Objectives
Our goal is to provide software system that helps Cliffside Resort to increase revenue because it saves processing time and helps to provide better management for room reservation booking system. To create a Webpage Development Information System of the hotel; to provide a secured database storage for the hotel information; for fast and accurate processing in promoting Hotel Web Information Development System; and to provide a communication of the guest through Internet.
3.1.2 Specific Objectives
The study aims to develop and improve the existing manual reservation system of Cliffside Resort. The study intends to carry out the following specific objectives: To enable online booking via the internet. To enable automated data entry methods. Ensure efficient and reliable communication within the hotel. To be able to add and update the admin users, rooms, and services that is only accessible by the administrator. To be able to display the entire guest in terms of information. To be able to provide an easiness of reservation for online and walk-in guests. To be able to impart accuracy in terms of allowing the system in terms of adding of guests, viewing of the available room and adding of bills. To be able to generate cash-in report by month that is only accessible by the administrator. Enforce security measures to avoid unauthorized access to guest records. Enable fast and easy retrieval of guest records and data for fast reference activities.

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