Peer Review Of Diet Plan: Kill My Mother

Published: 2021-07-02 04:51:17
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`Diet Plan: Kill My Mother`; Maternal Responsibility in Enabling and Annihilating the Good Body is a skillfully written text that looks into the common perception of the position of women in the society in general. It should also be mention that the basic intention of this text is to enumerate the fundamental search of individuality of the modern women and thus it is written completely from the perception of the woman’s world.
For the purpose of establishing the principal of individuality the writer incorporates examples from five major sources. These sources are Abra Fortune Chernik’s `The Body Politic, ` from Images and Realities: A Multicultural Anthology published in 2003 by McGraw Hill, Eve Ensler’s The Good Body published by Villard in 2004, Bell Hook’s `Talking Back` from Women Images and Realities: A Multicultural Anthology, Mai Kao Thao’s `Sins of Silence also from Women Images and Realities: A Multicultural Anthology and Naomi Wolf’s `The Beauty Myth`.
All these texts deal with different aspects of the woman’s position in the society. It is an attempt to show the momentum of social perception that shapes up the basic formulation of a woman’s mind and the subsequent intentions to overcome it. It should be mentioned that the writer is very much successful in depicting the position of the modern woman amidst a society dominated by men.

However, it can always be mentioned that the writer could have been more aggressive in the construction of the text by directing more personal opinions than presenting quotations and presenting the basic themes of the texts used. However, it can always be mentioned that apart from this weakness the text looks very convincing and fruitful in emphasizing on the basic intention of the writer.

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