Professionals in an IT Organization

Published: 2021-07-02 04:18:13
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The twentieth century has heightened the age of information technology (IT). Many professions were created to cater to the need to develop more technologies that will carry free exchange of information among users and consumers. Institutions and organizations also paralleled the development by organizing their own IT departments composed of IT professionals. Basically, this department takes care of the information and technological needs of the company that involves programming and computers.
Some of the professions and their job descriptions are outlined below. Information Systems Managers. Because of the development of newer technologies, competitive Information Systems Manager has become more essentials in planning for the future of the organization especially that almost all of the processes now involve computer programming, Internet support and security operations. Managers are in-charge of the overall planning and development of the organizations’ needed programs, networks or softwares that should be incorporated in the systems.
They also oversee all resources and systems within the organization and works with their subordinates in the implementation of the plans and designs. Typically, those graduates of master’s degree of both information and business management qualify for the job. Computer Programmers. One of the most valuable assets of IT organizations is the programmers. They have the wits to design programs and systems that will facilitate the information and data processes of the organization. After the planning, they hold the mind, the codes and access and security of the entire organization.

They engineer every program and instruct computers of their functions. They are in-charge of the development, test and re-test of the programs in the companies’ systems. Computer Scientists and Database Administrators. If programmers do the actual development of programs, the computer scientists conceptualize and theorize the implications of the programs in the companies’ systems. They take care of the researches of possible errors of the programs in the future and other developments that may occur in the business.
They also develop systems that ensure computer-user efficiency. On the other hand, Database Administrators, as the title connotes, are in-charge of gathering all the data needed for a program to function. It is their duty to guarantee that communication systems like Wide Area Network (WAN) and Local Area Network (LAN) are functioning for the benefit of the company. They are also in-charge of the website content of the company, if there is one, and do every necessary research it entails. Computer Software Engineers.
Unlike the computer programmers, software engineers’ jobs are more specific to analyzing user needs and designing, constructing, testing, and maintaining computer applications software or systems. They are also geared toward troubleshooting technical glitches in the programs that need restoration. The above professions may already be sufficient for a company to employ; however, these people also need a team under them; that is why some companies consider employing technical assistants and database specialists.
Technical assistants usually are in-charge of the hardware functions of the company. They ensure that all the hardwares being used are functioning efficiently and regularly updated according to the needs of the programs and softwares. They also assist in the installation of the programs and other technicalities like cables for LAN and WAN. Data Specialists, on the other hand, assist in the encoding of specific data needed in the completion of programs or raw data that test the functionality of softwares.

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