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Published: 2021-07-02 05:27:49
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For visually impaired students, a Science class could pose as a threat for them because of the different chemicals and many scientific apparatus that can physically harm them. Their functioning senses particularly their sense of touch might be impaired if scientific equipment are not properly positioned or arranged. I think the recommendations mentioned including the rearrangement of desks and maintaining a clutter-free class room were simple but doable. The first-hand experience of the teacher with a blind person gave the teacher an idea of how to make his or her class and the lay out of the room more sympathetic and sensitive to the special needs of visually impaired students.
Response No. 2
I think space is one of the major factors to consider when designing a classroom that would also accommodate visually impaired students. Having enough room would increase the mobility of visually impaired students and reduce the risks of being bumped into by other students or knocking off things. The suggestion of visually impaired students assisting their fellow students with assignments and interacting through board games are excellent opportunities to hone their social skills. However, these recommendations might not yield positive outcomes because there is always the possibility that other students might take advantage of their disabilities.

Response No. 3
To effectively draft plans according to the needs of visually impaired students, the nature and severity of their disability should be learned and considered.  The power of knowledge can make a huge difference. By simply knowing the gravity of the visually impaired students’ blindness, a teacher can be able to determine the necessary actions needed to be done to address their needs in a classroom environment.
The needs of a severely blind person are different from the needs of a moderately blind person. By considering this, the resources of the school and the efforts of the teacher can be maximize that can yield productive results. More so, not only do visually impaired students benefits from this kind of set up but also normal students. The use of auditory-based resources and the adoption of descriptive-based teaching style can enhance a normal student’s creativity while a visually impaired student can have a productive experience in this kind of setting.
Response No. 4
I think technology have changed the way most people live in the modern age. One of the benefits of technology is its capability to be use as a device for teaching, in which had facilitated easy learning for many students. More so, the availability of advanced gadgets such as the computer program that can transform text into speech and computer had helped visually impaired students to cope up with class discussions and with the class course. Because of science and technology, students with disabilities specifically visually impaired can go through with their studies just like any other normal student. As a result, students with visual impairments will reduce the chances developing low self-esteem or even have the feeling of being alienated.
Response No. 5
In order for students with disabilities to feel that they are part of a class, the teacher must get to know these students personally in order to determine their personality and expectations. By having a bond, teachers and visually impaired students can easily formulate together plans on how to make the class environment suitable for the students with disabilities and also the teacher can generate new methods or styles of teaching to fit the needs of these students. It is important to note the wants and needs of these special students because sometimes people tend to think that they know better but they do not that

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