Should College Education be free in America

Published: 2021-07-02 04:37:34
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All three of the research topics that I chose are very important to me. However the one topic that really stands out in my mind is, “should college education be free in the United States? ” One reason this topic stands out to me, I believe America spends too much money importing goods. Especially goods that require some form of technology such as cell phones and gaming systems. The list goes on. I feel that if we train Americans to build these technologies, it will create more jobs, henceforth, reducing unemployment.
This brings me to the second most important reason why I feel that college education should be free in the United States. Educated people build a strong economy. Our great nation will benefit by making college education free in the U. S. , to citizens and anyone who’s rightfully living in our country. Not all who graduate from high school are gifted enough to receive a to attend college, or are fortunate to have parents afford to pay for their college education. This can be discouraging for young men or women who want to be successful, however don’t have the means.
What about the working adult that wants to complete their degree so that they can be a role model to their children? Unfortunately, they don’t have the finances to go back school. It becomes a double jeopardy life sentence for that high school graduate with no means of furthering their education or that parent that wants to go back to school. Not able to pursue a college degree and most likely earning less money than a college graduate. Consequently, men and women with none too little college education tend to earn less money throughout their lifetime than men or women who have a degree.

According to howtoedu. org, (first line of second paragraph) “over the course or working 40 years, someone with a high school diploma will make $1,116,600 while someone with a bachelor’s degree will make $2,048,204”. According to an article written by the American Public Media titled “The Value of a College Degree” (second paragraph), “People who don't get some kind of post-secondary education are quickly falling out of the American middle class”. I feel that our government spends more money in other areas that are unnecessary such as war. The money that the U. S. government spends on war should be allocated to more important areas such as education.
There are different deterring factors that prevent people from pursuing a higher education or completing their degree. The most important is the cost. According to the consumer financial protection bureau, the standard repayment schedule for a college education is 120 months (10 years). By making college education free, the American people will be more qualified for good paying jobs. This will also help in creating new jobs. The money that would be spent on paying back school loans, could be used to purchase homes.
This is a perfect example for building a stronger economy. The method of research that I plan to use to support my thesis are, online articles via credible websites. These resources will reveal the relevance of making college education free in America. My resources will declare that free education will help create more jobs, therefore reducing unemployment; and it will benefit in giving qualified people work with higher compensation. Finally, these resources will bring to light, that more jobs with higher paying compensation builds a stronger economy. All do to making college education free in America.

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