Technology Effects of Human Relationships

Published: 2021-07-02 04:52:56
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They say “All good things must come to an end”. Well if this is correct, and Technology had stopped existing how would the world respond? I predict that this world would go into a “great depression”. Not necessarily because of beneficial and honorable things like the abilities to further your education, watching the news, or cooking a simple meal for the family but because of the inability to use technology as a relationship based source.
Based on the research I’ve done, studies have shown that technology has a very negative effect on human relationships because people are basically using it for robots, an unrealistic emotional caregiver, internet, a social skills killer and a communicator, relationship built off false emotions. In the past, if a person is feeling alone or so emotional to the point where they need to consult to someone they would with another person. Now-a-days, if there is a problem, a person talks there situation out to a talking teddy bear named “Fujitsu”.
This Fujitsu is built to keep company to a person by being understanding and loving. Another human like robot is the baby seal. In the article “Flight for conversation”, an elderly woman actually talked to this seal about personal problems, the woman became comforted because it actually seemed to be following her conversation. The scariest thing about these issues, is, we are willing to conform to a battery robot than an actual human being. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the most popular social networks there is, so to have one is not a surprise. It is proved to be a very addictive technology tool.

Many people are so in tuned with these internet sources that they cut all ties with their actual surroundings. A mother could be talking to their child about a serious topic, but the daughter could not even be listening to that mother because their tweeting . People especially teens, rather reveal their feelings to a website rather than their own parents. A quote, from the article, “Just How Many Facebook Friends Do You Need? “ supports this argument “No matter if it is a wall post, a comment, or a photo, young people’s engagement with Facebook is driven”.
Texting is considered to be, one of the fastest most used communicator there is to exist. Although it is very convenient, it is depriving the two interactors from a real conversation and relationship. “Someday, someday, but certainly not now, I’d like to learn how to have a conversation” a 16 year old boy say’s because he feels he has no communication skills. Also for instance, if one is unfamiliar with someone and trying to get to know them they will text that person to become better acquaintances. The issue with this is that when a person text, it is impossible to really understand the other's attitude, emotions or behavior.
Therefore you really truly don't know them; you could become attached to a person that you really have no interest in. Many can argue that, Technology has so many positive results, and that it doesn't matter about a few negative ones. I disagree with these rational remarks, human relationships are very important and self-beneficial; we should not continue to destroy something so valuable. In order to fix the problem, technology users should practice more one on one conversation with others human beings. Learn how to accept technology as a benefit not a need.

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