The Dainty and the Brute

Published: 2021-07-02 04:20:30
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Love is an expression of a feeling that is often associated with emotions, yet it is a part of what has been called functions of the brain. The complicated process that goes through the brain must be too intricate that it sometimes lead to an intertwine of rationality and irrationality and they keep on a locked embrace and mystical mishaps. It takes different forms and twigs could be felt everywhere. Loving a dainty velvet coat would require delicate care. The value of which, in our present-day society filled with different norms of beauty and kindness, is higher than those of the other cloths that may be found.

Whether it is silk, fur, cotton, or anything else, when one is in love with the velvet coat there would simply be no other better for it has become the best in a blindfolded eye. One could only see the velvet coat and that alone. The lint, the miscalculated cuts, and the loose threads are not an issue for it is the entire coat that is being loved. Not a single part nor the imperfections but the whole. One accepts everything and loves everything just to have a feel of loving that coat and having it embrace the body in return.

Soon, after the long, or at times short, waiting and hoping, things get better as the body starts to get a feel of the coat wrapped around it. Happiness comes joyfully linger around every portion where the body meets the coat. Sometimes it could bring an itch or a shiver. Water droplets, snowflakes falling, and wind gusting makes the two go well together. Appreciation of the presence of one another is heightened during times when they realize the worth of one another. As the coldness starts to set in around the two, they realize more the warmth and comfort of being with one another.
The coat acts as a shield and the body, the source of warmth. It is the giving and the receiving that matters and not the purpose of what one is in the life of another. For if it is only in the purpose where the two would rely on, it would be more a need than love. After each and every cold and dark night, the scorching heat of the sun would have to come back in the morning. At sunrise, it is still healthy to have a dose of the rays of the sun. However, as temperature starts to rise until the noon, suddenly things seem to be intolerable for both the coat and the body.
The coat would not want to get soaked in sweat and the body does not want to sweat, too. It really happens that they are looking at the same direction, at the same image, and at the same angle but different lenses are used. It is the same as the story of the blind men and the elephant where each of the six blind men tried to paint a picture of an elephant taking it from their blinded perspectives and does not take into account what their companions are feeling for them to be able to get hold of the real situation (Adams 149).
Just the same, it would be hard for the coat and the body, as both do not want to exist in the same place where they are not happy, to see beyond what they are feeling and include the sphere of what the other feels. This is a common mistake that is often associated with the body wearing the coat. There are instances where one could never tolerate having the other and would simply want to give. The idea that being together does not only mean certain situations but rather includes everything there is should be understood.
When one would accept being in the space of someone and is likewise accepted to thrive in the personal space of another, stepping out of it could never be easy without leaving a mark that the two were together that is why the body could still hold on for different reasons. Sometimes it is because of the thought of still having the coat all to that particular body. On other instances, it is because the body has been too familiar with the coat that it could not see the self without it.
Furthermore, the possibility of holding on no matter how much uneasiness and discomfort there may be attributed to sacrifice and the feeling of warmth during the cold days. It should be noted, however, that the situation of when it could be said that enough is enough is very arbitrary. It is a subjective thought that not even the wisest person could quantify in terms of heat, cold, or reason. There are different factors that could eventually lead to the need to take off the coat and the body separated from it.
When the body decides to take off the coat with reasons understood by both from their end, one is given the option to go back to where they are before. If they decide to go back to the old situation, then the temperature of the body would learn to adjust to the one provided by wearing the coat. Likewise, the coat, with the patience of the body, would let air go in for the body and this is the start of something where they would understand one another though it would still not be the best fit and would still give way to different problems, which is normally expected.
On the other hand, when it is deemed best that another suit is chosen, there are a variety of options to choose from and it is likely that one could get choose another one which is not suited to his/her personality and it would again, be determined whether or not it would be successful. Whichever way, the journey would still be worth the while and would have to go on until the right garment is found; the most comfortable and the most precious of them all. Reference Adams, Mary. Ecosystem Matters: Activity and Resource Guide for Environmental Educators. U

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