The Physician Assistant Program

Published: 2021-07-02 04:36:22
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The Physician Assistant Program, on the other hand, delivers a comprehensive masters education teachings that are essential for the aspiring physician assistant (“Physician Assistants,” n.d.). This program entails  thorough learnings in the formal practice of a physician assistant.

Furthermore, the master's program for physician assistant equips the aspirants the necessary academic and clinical background in able to achieve professional certification to become qualified, reliable and competent physician assistant (“Physician Assistants,” n.d.).

 As an aspiring Physician assistant, I truly understand that my clinical role will include primary and specialty care in medical as well in surgical practice. I understand that a physician assistant position is a complex task to do that focuses to provide of patient care. With this, I hereby accept the fact that the only way to achieve this and be competent in the position is submit myself into the formal education program for Physician Assistant.
With the kind of training I had as a Nurse aid for two years, I decided to pursue a career as physician assistant. Although, I hold a masters degree in Library Science from University of Wisconsin, I could not find the appropriate job or work that is in line with the education that I have finished.
Hence, in my two years of stay in the hospital as a nurse aid, I came to a point of realization that I am comfortable to work in such position and finally pursue a career in physical assistance.
Being in hospital as a nurse aid, I can say my preparation for this objective of is my formal experience in medical field by providing nursing aid. In terms of preparation, I can say that I am on the ideal shape to start a new career as I am familiar with the practice in the clinic and in hospital chores. Moreover, I attended and completed all the prerequisite courses in nurse aid.
Being an alumna of the school, I prefer to have my formal physician assistant education program in University of Wisconsin, as I believe that the method of teaching by the university is proven and effective. Therefore, I wish to achieve another milestone in my life as a qualified and ratified physician assistant under the uplifting educational support of the University that I truly trust and believe.
In the end, if I get the chance to complete the program and be one of the countries prime physician assistant, my primary goal as a professional is a effect changes that I believe to be the best in providing patient care. Thus, I wish to achieve the reputation that I long as valuable and competent physician assistant, through my whole hearted service with my patient and with the attending physician.
Physician Assistants. (n.d.). Retrieved July 10, 2008 from

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