Three paragraph character sketch essay on Harriet Tubman

Published: 2021-07-02 04:05:56
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Harriet Tubman is an old, African American, runaway slave. This was a woman that was very brave and fought for her rights/freedom. She just didn’t want freedom for herself; she wanted it for all African Americans. I would also have to say that she was a very smart woman. I say that because she carried a gun around with her, so if any of the other runaways wanted to go back she would threaten them with the gun because she knew that the masters would end up finding Harriet and the others, she also decided to run away on a Saturday, so that gave her and the others an extra day to get away because flyers could not be printed until Monday.

The masters was already aware that a man named Moses was helping the slaves get away , so they had to keep an extra eye on all of the slaves. The masters woke up on that Saturday they were surprised to find out that some of their slaves were gone. Harriet knew someone that could help them and his name was Moses. In the text it says ‘As they walked along she told them stories of her own first flight, she kept painting vivid word pictures of what it would be like to be free.’ This tells me that one of Harriet’s character traits were encouraging. I say encouraging because she is telling them stories of and of what their life could be like. In the story it also says ‘She managed to dispel their fear of pursuit, so that they would not become hysterical, panic-stricken.’ She was also encouraging them in this line, to continue their journey, and their fight to freedom.

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