Use Natural Resources Judiciously

Published: 2021-07-02 04:18:59
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Every individual has responsibility to use natural resources judiciously. This will give equal opportunity to all to use the resources for the benefit of mankind. One should not be selfish to spend the available resources without thinking of other fellow beings. There is no limit to spend natural resources if available plenty but at the same time one should realize that natural resources are non-renewable sources. The future also depends on such resources. Every individual should think himself or herself as a world think himself or himself as a world citizen.
The whole world is a and all are inter-dependant for a better life. The mother earth has given enough for all to satisfy minimum wants but not enough to utilize. Every individual has a role in the conservation of natural resource like in using water electricity woods, foods etc. water is life and every drop is precious similarly every chemical power saved is like it is produced. Woods should be used so has not to destroy procurement of more than needed is like putting other starving. Equitable use of resources for sustainable life styles.
Everyone has the right to live in this world. All living creatures belong to mother earth and they all have their shine of resources available. All these resources like land, energy, food, mineral, water, forest etc. have to be distributed in an equitable way for sustainable lifestyles of all creatures.

The responsibility lies more on the human population because they have got the thinking power and the wisdom to judge good and had man should realize that he is not alone in this world. There are others to use the available resources. Hence responsibility should be for all human being for an equitable use of natural resources for sustainable use of natural resources for sustainable life styles of all in this mother earth.

The spread of disease via environment
Man’s activity has impaired protective ozone cover.
Over the natural resources such as land, water, minerals coal, oil etc. development has undermined the stock of natural resources.
It has resulted into global warning.
There has been addition of toxin pollutants to the environment.
It has caused loss of bio-diversity or genetic erosion.


Use of natural resources is increasing but the amount of these resources by decreasing.
Deforestation caused the loss of energy resources.
Relational and international capacities conserving the resources are not properly organized, must have some common conservation strategy.


To maintain the essential ecological processes i.e. food chain recycling of mineral resources etc and the life support system – soil, air, water, pond, plants, animals etc.
To ensure the availability and sustainability of resources which assumes the survival of all species is a healthy and easy manner.
To preserve the diversity at the specific habitat levels.


For conservation of water.
Keeping the water taps closed, when not in use.
Using less water-consuming toilets.
Watering the plants to be done in the evening tours.
Using drip irrigation and sprinkling irrigation systems water lawns etc.
Treating water to be provided for irrigation purpose.
Water to be used carefully and economically for domestically for domestic and industrial.


Using alternative source of energy and develops the renewable sources of energy such as solar energy, sea water energy, wind energy, tidal energy, nuclear energy, etc. for our energy requirements.
Taking care in using fuels: we should exercise great care is using fuels for getting energy. The fossil fuels should be used only when no other alternative source is available to us. The fossil fuel should be conserved as far as possible.
Avoiding wastage of energy.
Some methods to avoid wastage:
We should use the most efficient fuels available.

Most heating devices like stoves, cloths, etc. should be used conserving soil:

By addition of fertilizing.
By green managing.
By biological nitrogen fixation.
Together supply of minerals by decomposition and animal excreta.

Prevention of soil erosion:

By crop rotation.
By growing erosion checking crops like grasses, pulses, ground nuts etc.
By making suitable outlet channels to carry out flood water.
By dancing afforestation and reforestation to check soil erosion.
By making tenancies on the slopes to reduce the speed of water for checking soil erosion.

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