What I hope to expect out of life in 10 years

Published: 2021-07-02 04:55:46
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I the blink of an eye times passes so quickly and we are left wondering what happened where has the time gone, it fears us knowing how easily it is for life to change in the blink of an eye . I have reached the stage in my life that I just want happiness and good health for myself and my family... Sometimes we don't know what's round the corner and life can so cruel.
Thinking of time can be scary I can think of two different paths; my dream path and my probably the path that will happen in the real world. In 10 year time I will be a few months of 50 and that's an achievement in itself. Hopefully in 10 years my diabetic health has stayed stable and my non cancerous tumour has remained non cancerous..... Hopefully that time bomb within me hasn't went off.
Firstly my dream path for 10 years time would be that to have fast tracked education, college and uni and perhaps be doing my dream job in life and that would be working as a baby nurse, helping little sick babies, whilst also raring my 4 beautiful children, the two eldest ones imagine will have flown the nest, maybe I will be a grandmother, and that will be the most beautiful gift of all. Whilst my 2 younger boys I imagine and hope that they will be 2 handsome teenagers and I am sure bringing plenty of teenage worrie to my door.

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